Incredible: Stranded Dolphin Saved by a Dog

Over the centuries dogs have rescued all kinds of living things. Here's another heroic story.
Incredible: Stranded Dolphin Saved by a Dog

Last update: 02 September, 2021

Each year, large numbers of healthy dolphins can get trapped on the seashore. This occurs due to factors such as the intensity of the tide, strong winds, or noise pollution that creates disorientation. Here’s a lovely story about how a dog saved a stranded dolphin!

This type of distressing situation can also occur when dolphins have a developed a disease or are wounded.

However, many of these creatures are found in time and it’s possible for them to return to their habitat to continue living. That’s why we’re bringing you this beautiful story about how a dog became a hero and saved the life of a stranded dolphin.

Leia and the stranded dolphin

The events occurred on a beach in Wales, in the United Kingdom. It seemed like a normal day. Leia, a Cocker Spaniel, had come to the coast with her master to enjoy a refreshing afternoon in the middle of the water and the sand.

The man was photographing the wonderful landscape in front of him and Leia was investigating the area to see what she could play with. However, her sense of smell ended up taking her to the place where she found a stranded dolphin, a baby dolphin.

At that moment, the Cocker Spaniel dog began to bark continuously until it alerted its master that something strange had happened. The man decided to go and see what Leia wanted to show him.

“I heard my dog barking from below the beach and I knew she had found something,” Leia’s master claimed. The two of them realized the terrible plight of the dolphin and started to try to rescue it.

Dog in the sea.

The man quickly went to pick up the stranded dolphin and carefully took it to an area where it could swim without any problem. However, they decided to stay in the area to check that the dolphin was OK.

They only set off for home when they were sure that the dolphin wasn’t going to end up stranded again. And, before they left, the man reported the situation to the coast guard.

The story went viral when the man recorded one of the moments of the rescue and shared it on his YouTube channel. The video got a high number of views and was shared on social networks.

The sense of smell in dogs

Smell is a dog’s most developed sense and they use it to analyze every part of their surroundings. For that reason, on many occasions, these incredible pets can alert humans to an emergency situation.

Experts have even pointed out that, generically, a dog’s sense of smell is superior to that of humans. Because of this, many of these animals are part of the special police search teams.

dog saves stranded dolphin.

Leia’s case adds to the large number of deeds that dogs have carried out, thanks to their sense of smell. Over the decades, they have discovered drug shipments, suitcases with explosives and even abandoned children.

Dogs and their great spirit of cooperation

These cases show that dogs have a biological instinct to help other living beings in need. These animals really do have one of the kindest hearts in the animal kingdom.

Dogs are defined by their unconditional love, understanding, and loyalty. Here you can see the video of Leia and the stranded dolphin for yourself:

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