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Maria Jose Restrepo Gallardo

Social communicator

A social communicator and journalist focused on the area of community journalism. He has participated as a collaborator in university projects, as well as in presentations and research conferences. He has also worked with Colombian state institutions in management activities, news writing, radio programs and event presentation.

About the author

Graduated in Social Communication with an emphasis in Civic and Community Journalism from the Francisco de Paula Santander University (2019). He has participated in university research seminars and has been a speaker at various research meetings.

He has experience in writing, proofreading, social network management, design, and layout of web pages in projects at the same University as above. In addition, he's the press officer in state agencies at a regional level. He has also worked in the management, coordination, and journalistic coverage in municipal conferences at various organizations.

María Restrepo is a lover of reading, cinema, and cooking. He is interested in leading a healthy life through exercise.

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