6 Breeds of Cats that Like Water

Although some are fearful when it comes to getting wet, there are cats that like water. Discover 6 breeds of felines that feel comfortable having contact with water.
6 Breeds of Cats that Like Water
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Last update: 27 December, 2022

In general, cats are seen as animals that fear and detest water, however, not all have the same attitude towards this liquid! Some cats actually like water and, in this article, you’ll learn about the breeds that enjoy activities such as bathing and swimming.

Felines like the Maine Coon and the Turkish Van really like water, which shows that there are always exceptions to preconceptions when it comes to pets. Although many cats have a hard time accepting water and need good training to do so, others have no problem with it. Keep reading if you want to know more.

Do cats like water?

One of the theories that tries to explain the bad relationship between cats and water has to do with the history of these animals. As most cats come from ancestors that inhabited desert areas, in dry and arid climates, experts believe that they never got used to the idea of water. Another complementary hypothesis argues that cats hate getting wet because of their coats.

This last theory puts forward the idea that these pets avoid water because when they get wet their coats becomes heavier. In other words, when they come into contact with water they lose agility and mobility, which makes them feel uncomfortable and vulnerable.

Despite not having an exact answer about the attitude of cats towards water, it’s clear that it’s a vital resource that your pet will always need. In this sense, it’s important to teach them to adapt to water according to their needs. Training plays a fundamental role, although there are breeds capable of enjoying water without much effort at all.

Cats and bath time

Most cats are very demanding about hygiene and groom themselves by licking their entire body, but it’s also necessary to bathe them sometimes even if they don’t like it. Bathing is an activity that reduces the chances that your pet can get sick or be parasitized, and so it’s part of the care routine you should have with your pet.

However, as already mentioned, cats tend to be afraid of water. Therefore, it’s important to get them used to bathing from a young age. In addition, you must make sure that it’s a pleasant process in which your pet feels comfortable and safe. Remember that grooming is essential for the well-being of your pet.

So, which cats are rather more willing to have an encounter with water than others? Here’s our list!

Cats that like water

American shorthair

If you live with an American shorthair at home, then you have one of the cats that like water. On occasions, this breed puts its paws inside its water bowl and licks them to dry them. This can become a game for the pet, but be aware that cats prefer moving water and that they’ll also spill this liquid on the ground.

A short-haired cat.

Maine coon

In addition to being one of the largest cats in the world, the sweet, affectionate and friendly Maine Coon isn’t afraid of water. This breed enjoys this liquid as much as it does snow. It amuses itself by playing with water, especially by immersing its favorite toys in it.

A maine coon.

Siberian cat

The Siberian cat is one of the cats that most like water. This animal, who is quite willing to enjoy a good bath, also knows how to have fun swimming or playing in the water. The Siberian is an excellent companion animal for those who love to explore nature, as it’ll have no problem walking in the mountains or swimming in lakes.

One of the cats that like water.

Turkish Van

Another cat that likes water is the Turkish Van, a playful feline that’s characterized by having different colored eyes and getting on well with children. The Turkish Van likes to bathe, play with water, and swim in pools, rivers, or lakes. If you have one of these cats at home then you’ll have no problems taking it on a walk with you.


Despite having a thick coat, the manx cat also feels comfortable having contact with water. This feline loves to play with the drops that fall from the tap or the water from the fountains. It also enjoys bathing and swimming.

One of the cats that like water

Norwegian forest cat

The Norwegian forest cat, with its abundant coat, is an excellent swimmer. This animal, which is one of the oldest feline breeds in the world, isn’t afraid of water at all. It’s a very affectionate and good-natured breed that’s also part of the felines that enjoy this vital liquid.

What if a different breed likes water?

In conclusion, if you have one of the aforementioned breeds at home, you probably now know why your pet doesn’t mind getting wet. However, if your feline isn’t on this list but you also notice that they like water, there’s nothing to worry about. Nowadays, more and more cats happily adapt to water.

If your cat often stares at water, then let them explore it. Also, remember that it’s important for cats to become familiar with a liquid that’s so necessary for their well-being. Don’t forget that even though cats are neat animals, they also need a bath from time to time to prevent infection or illness.

Finally, if your pet is very elusive near water, have a chat with your vet or have a look online about what you can do to change this situation. With love and patience, you can make your cat feel good despite getting wet.

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