13 Cat Breeds You Didn't Know Existed

If you like seeing unique animal breeds, read on! We'll tell you about 13 cat breeds you didn't know existed and that might just surprise you.
13 Cat Breeds You Didn't Know Existed

Last update: 23 July, 2019

Cats are unpredictable beings and, for some people, rather mysterious. Today, we want to talk to you about some cat breeds you didn’t know existed.

There is a special beauty in all these cat breeds you didn’t know existed. Want to take a look with us?

13 cat breeds you didn’t know existed

The Japanese Bobtail

If you’ve ever seen Hello Kitty, this Japanese kitten is very similar. In fact, they relate it to the doll that has been symbolic of this country.

British Shorthair

These cats have short hair, but in such abundance that it seems never-ending. This makes them very bulky animals, although, in reality, it’s just a lot of hair. This breed seems to love being the center of attention.

Russian Hairless Cat

A Russian Blue Cat is one of several cat breeds you didn't know existed.

We can’t say this is a cat for all tastes. Its peculiar look means it’s not for everyone.

They don’t have any hair, although they do very well in low temperatures. In addition, they are known for being very docile and extremely affectionate.

Norwegian Forest Cat

We’ll go from the baldness of the Russian Hairless Cat to a cat with lots and lots of hair. This cat has lots of fur that prepares it for the low temperatures of the area. It’s also distinguished by having a lot of energy.

Siberian Cat

This is the ideal feline for someone in the family that has an allergy to cat hair. It doesn’t matter with this cat because it’ll never cause anyone to sneeze.

The Egyptian Mau

This cat has an amazing similarity to a tiger, including in its speed. It can reach up to 30 miles an hour. Its fur has black flecks and they have a penetrating gaze.

Cornish Rex

Another peculiar cat which is almost hairless with huge ears. These cats have a very intense look, but they’ll certainly captivate you. They are also very affectionate.

What distinguishes them most is their good hearing that allows them to hear things at great distances.

Manx Cat

This cat is very similar to the Scandinavian cat, although it comes from the United Kingdom. Although what might catch your attention at first is its fur, it also has a very unique, short tail.

Devon Rex

If you’re not ready for a slightly unusual-looking cat, then don’t consider this cat! These cats are known for their unique look. They have narrow eyes and frowns as if they were angry.

However, they don’t look anything like their personality, which is mischievous and fun.

Devon Rex is a unique cat.


These cats come from Singapore and have huge eyes and pointy ears. They are nice and very affectionate. Maybe it’s their joyfulness that allows them to live up to 15 years.

Scottish Fold

As the name suggests, this cat is from Scotland. You will definitely be struck by its tiny ears and abundant fur. Their eyes are always very open, and almost resemble an owl’s rather than those of a cat.

The Korat Cat

Many people believe these cats are mystics and have paranormal powers. In Thailand, they believe that this animal brings you good luck. Giving away this type of cat is a normal custom when you want to send best wishes to someone you love.

Sphynx Cat

We know there have been quite a few strange-looking cats already, but take a look at this one! It doesn’t have a single hair! They also have huge ears and a very noble appearance.

Despite not having any hair, these cats can handle extremely cold climates.

These are just some of the cat breeds you didn’t know existed. If you know of any unique cat breeds and want to share them with us, let us know!

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