14 Creative Names for your Cat

If you've recently adopted a cat, but you aren't sure what to name him, we're here to help. Here are 14 creative names for your cat. 
14 Creative Names for your Cat

Last update: 14 April, 2019

It can be difficult to find a nice, original name that suits your cat’s personality. If you’re having a tough time naming your cat, keep reading. We’ve made a list of creative names for your cat to help you make the right decision. 

Creative names for your cat: females

You should keep in mind that it will take your cat about 10 days to learn his name and to start reacting to it. Therefore, we recommend that you repeat it a lot while looking at him so he can learn that you’re talking to him. Additionally, we recommend choosing a short name that’s easy to interpret. If you have a female cat, you can choose between these creative names:

1. Alka

This means ‘pretty’ in Hebrew…just like the beautiful cat that has just come into your life. Or, you could choose the word for ‘pretty’ in any other language too.

2. Felicia

A cat with his paws up.

If, after having your cat for just a few days, you’ve already realized that she’s a handful, then Felicia might be the ideal name for her. That was the name of the feline who was in charge of devouring the enemies of Professor Ratigan, the great mouse detective from Brazil.

3. Freyja

This is the perfect name for a sweet and affectionate cat. Freyja was the goddess of Norse mythology who was revered for her powers in love and female fertility.

4. Zula

This is actually the name of a very small town in Eritrea, but it’s a great name for a cat. It’s also short and pretty!

5. Fiona

Do you remember the princess from the movie Shrek? That’s right, the one that transforms into a green ogre in order to be with her true love. This is an ideal name for your cat if she has a strong character and is somewhat chubby.

6. Duchess

This is another great name for those who love animated films, but this one’s a bit older. If you’ve ever seen ‘Aristocats,’ then you’ll know that Duchess was the beautiful white cat who lived with her three babies in the retired opera singer’s mansion.

7. Cersei

Do you have a beautiful ginger cat with green eyes who’s a bit naughty? Then you can give her this name taken from the series Game of Thrones. It’s the name of King Baratheon’s ambitious wife, Cersei Lannister.

Creative names for your cat: males

If you have a male cat and you want to give him the best name possible, then we have some recommendations for you. You can pick the one that best fits his physical characteristics and his personality, and that will be very original.

1. Ali

This name come from Arab and it means ‘sublime.’ It’s the ideal name for a cat that’s very unique to us which will show everyone how much he means to us.

2. Figaro

This is the name of the carpenter’s cat from the movie Pinocchio, we bet you remember him. His friends were a fish (Cleo) and a cricket. He also appears in other Disney works.

3. Hasan

This is another interesting Arabic name for a cat. It means ‘good.’ Therefore, if your pet is calm, affectionate and always great company, then this is the perfect name for him. 

4. Dago

A cat looking at the camera.

This name comes from Spanish and is a variant of the name ‘Diego.’ We recommend this name because it has very few letters and it’s easy to say. Dago means ‘wise’ or ‘learned.’

5. Sheldon

Have you ever seen the series ‘The Big Bang Theory”? Then you’ll know that Sheldon is the perfect name for a moody or whiny cat.

6. Mambo

If you’ve never seen a pet that’s more restless or playful than your cat, then Mambo is an ideal name for him. Like the original music style from Cuba, this animal will keep you on your toes!

7. Cheshire

This is the name of the cat from the novel ‘Alice in Wonderland’ –  the one that was able to disappear and reappear whenever he wanted. If your pet also tends to hide a lot, then you may want to give him the name Cheshire.

What do you think of these creative names for your cat? Remember to think it through before you choose his name. They say that one’s name marks his personality and his destiny.

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