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I Love My Cat... But Does My Cat Love Me?

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If you have a cat, you might question, "Does my cat love me?" We'll tell you what signs to look for to know that you cat cares about you.
I Love My Cat... But Does My Cat Love Me?
Last update: 13 July, 2019

It’s totally normal to ask, “Does my cat love me?” It’s easier to tell with dogs. They’re much more expressive and show their love in many ways. On the other hand, cats are more independent. Although they seek our affection in different ways, it’s not always easy to know how they feel.

In spite of everything, although we know your cat seeks your love, it’s also important to feel that your cat loves you back. So how do you answer the question “Does my cat love me?” If you’re attentive, your cat will give you signals.

Signs that your cat loves you

Here are the unmistakable signs of the love your cat feels for you:

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  • He rubs his head and cheeks against you. Your cat might do this because cats greet people with their heads, but also because this part of the body has a greater concentration of pheromones. This is a way for them to rub you with their scent and also absorb yours. It’s a way of making you smell like family.
  • If their purrs get louder when you caress them. Purring means tranquility and relaxation. So when your cat does this while you’re petting him, it shows how comfortable he is around you and how much he enjoys being by your side.
  • If your cat shows you her belly. Being on her back with her belly unprotected is a vulnerable position for a cat. If your cat is comfortable doing this frequently, it shows that she fully trusts you.
  • If your cat raises their tail. When you’re caressing your cat’s back, if he raises his tail it shows that he’s comfortable around you and loves you.
  • If she gives you little bites. Cats, like other animals, can’t speak to you. So instead, they show their feelings in other ways. When she bites your fingers or your nose, this is her showing her love. In fact, if you watch baby kittens with their mother, the mother will constantly bite their ears softly.

More ways to answer the question “Does my cat love me?”

  • If your cat licks you. Licking you is another way she shows her love… or maybe she just thinks you need a shower!
  • If he rubs you. If your cat has ever rubbed you, you shouldn’t doubt that he loves you. This is a gesture cats make when they feel safe and protected. It’s something innate in them. In fact, they do it from the time they are newborns. They rub their mother’s stomach so that breast milk flows when they eat.
  • If she sleeps on you. Although it can sometimes be annoying, cats always sleep near the ones they love the most. So, if your cat has chosen you to sleep on, feel lucky! She loves you.
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  • If your cat gives you gifts. Although a dead bird or mouse isn’t the gift that you’ve dreamed of, your cat bringing them to you is a sign that he’s thinking about you. It’s him showing you that he wants to protect you and take care of you for one simple reason: he loves you.
  • The slow blink. One way cats communicate is through blinking. When they blink slowly, this is a sign of peace, relaxation, and feeling at ease. If your cat does this, don’t doubt that she loves you a lot.


These are just a few of the unmistakable signs that your cat loves you. You should also show her your love every day so that living together will be easier.

If you still don’t identify with any of these gestures with your cat, don’t worry. If you’ve recently adopted a cat, he may have been abandoned or mistreated and have problems with trust. Give him time and, above all, a lot of love. With patience and affection, you’ll get there soon enough!

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.