4 Tips to Keep Your Dog from Biting Your Furniture

There are many dog owners who come to their home with the uncertainty of not knowing in what state they will find everything. What can you do to correct a dog's destructive habits?
4 Tips to Keep Your Dog from Biting Your Furniture

Last update: 16 March, 2019

Dogs often bite nearly anything they find in their way. Especially when they’re young. Unfortunately for us, they attack our furniture even more when we’re not looking or when they’re left home alone. In this article, we’ll give you some tips to help you keep your dog from biting your furniture.

Why is my dog trying to eat the couch?

Many of us have asked ourselves this question when we brought a new pet home, especially if it’s a puppy. One of the reasons why they bite everything, including furniture, is because dogs get great pleasure out of chewing.

Shoes, socks, toys, cables, chairs, tables… you name it! There are many reasons why dogs sink their teeth into every object around them.

For instance, when they’re young, they have teething pain, and they find relief through biting. Then, when they are a little older, they need to sharpen them.

A puppy who loves to bite shoes.

Another reason may be that, after seeing his new home for the first time and during the first days, the puppy needs to do some “reconnaissance” or exploration of the territory. It could also be that the dog is bored or that he wants to get your attention.

Of course, there are cases of hyperactivity, anxiety or stress in dogs that don’t go out on walks often enough, don’t play enough or are left alone for too many hours.

A lack of exercise affects animals in ways you wouldn’t imagine. If the dog is locked up all day in a flat where the most he can do is walk a few steps, eat, or sleep, then all the accumulated energy must ‘come out’ somehow. What does he do then? He bites and destroys everything he finds!

Did you know that it’s not good to punish them when you find them chewing on furniture or realize there are some bite marks on your bed’s leg? The dog won’t understand that this is wrong, as it’s a natural thing for him to do.

You’ll be wasting your time yelling at him or getting angry. Your best bet is to try to understand and analyze why he’s acting that way and help him to change.

How to keep my dog from biting your furniture?

If you want to prevent your dog from biting your couch, take a look at these tips:

1. Understand why he does it

Pay close attention to the animal’s behavior and think about what may be causing his reaction. Maybe you’re leaving him alone for too long, or you don’t take him for a walk often enough. It could be that he needs more space, or that he senses problems at home. All of these factors will have an effect on his behavior.

One of the reasons why dogs bite everything, including furniture, is because chewing gives dogs enormous pleasure

2. Buy your dog a toy to chew on

Puppies feel teething pain, just like human babies do. That’s why they need a special toy they can bite on to relieve their pain.

You can find teething toys that make noises, have lights, and that come in different sizes and shapes. The idea is that these toys get their attention and keep them away from biting your furniture.

It doesn’t have to be a special toy, it can be any of the ones you can find in your nearest pet shop. The important thing is that it replaces the other things he’s been biting recently!

3. Take your dog for a walk

Doggies going for a walk.

This is an activity that has benefits for both of you. You’ll exercise, he’ll exercise, you’ll get some fresh air, and he may not bite your stuff anymore. In other words, it seems like an excellent plan and a win-win situation.

Don’t forget that dogs need to burn energy in some way or another. A daily 10-minute walk may be enough. And of course, you can add other activities such as playing in the park, playing fetch with a ball or interacting with other dogs.

4. Make your place “dog-proof”

If your pet bites his dog house, then there are materials out there that cannot be ‘eaten’ so easily. Don’t leave your bedroom door open when you’re off to work, so that you avoid tempting your doggie to come in and do some damage.

Some people spray vinegar on all their furniture using a sprinkler to keep the dog away. Moreover, there are even specific sprays to prevent animals from wanting to grab an object with their mouths.

In conclusion, beyond the preventive measures you can take, the main thing is to solve the problem that’s affecting your pet’s behavior.

Therefore, share some time with him, analyze his behavior and have fun together. This will help to make him forget the mania of biting your furniture, which will be a real weight off your mind.

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