Car Seat Covers for Dogs

In addition to car seat covers for dogs, we should also keep in mind current laws for traveling with them as well as the documents you'll need.
Car Seat Covers for Dogs

Last update: 27 January, 2019

Traveling is already such an incredible experience, and doing it with our furry best friends makes it even more special. But, before you can get on the road, it’s important to guarantee your dog’s comfort and safety. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the best car seat covers for dogs.

The 5 best car seat covers for dogs

There are so many different types of car seat covers for dogs; from simple and cheap ones to waterproof and cushioned covers that are very high quality. To help you choose the best one for your pet, we’ll summarize the best choices in terms of quality and price.

A dog sitting in the car.

Kompanion waterproof cover

The Kompanion brand seat cover is ideal for dogs and owners who put comfort first. It’s a wide, cushioned and waterproof cover, perfect for giving your pet a cozy place in the car. It’s also an excellent option for those who own two or more dogs.

Morpilot super-resistant covers

This Morpilot product is great for a safe and enjoyable trip, and they’re one of the best car seat covers on the market. They’re made of Oxford cloth, and have padded sides and a non-slip net.

In addition to being easy to fold and store, it also stands out for its durability, as it’s extremely long-lasting. It’s an excellent investment in your dog’s quality of life.

Custom covers by MATCC

MATCC car seat covers are ideal for owners who don’t care much about style when traveling. This brand personalizes its covers with very ‘doggy’ designs so your friend will always have a ‘special corner.’

These products come in all different models and sizes, and are all the same quality. Also, the covers have zippers so your dog can share the seat with human passengers. 

GHB economic covers

GHB has very good options for those looking for good quality dog seat covers at a moderate price. In fact, this brand has one of the best cost-benefit relationships on the market.

It’s a very comfortable cover, made of Oxford fabric with non-slip gauze. Its base also has a non-slip roller that prevents the sleeve from wrinkling. It’s known for its high durability and how easy it is to install.

Car covers for the trunk

These covers are great for those who need to protect a larger area while traveling safely with their dogs. It’s specifically designed to cover the area in the trunk of your car.

A dog laying in the car.

These models are made of waterproof Oxford fabric with sturdy seams and PVC finishes. They’re a very cozy and practical option for those who enjoy hiking and traveling with their pets.

In Spain, the regulation of the responsibilities of the owners, and the optimal conditions when traveling with dogs in a car, are part of the traffic laws. Logically, the regulations don’t exclusively pertain to transporting animals in vehicles, but the text expresses it in this respect:

“The driver of the vehicle must be able to maintain his own freedom of movement, the necessary field of vision and permanent attention to driving, to ensure his own safety, and that of the other occupants of the vehicle and those in other vehicles. For these purposes, you must take special care to maintain the correct position and to control the rest of the passengers, including the proper placement of objects or animals transported, so that there is no interference between the driver and passengers”.

Can’t interfere with the driver’s vision

In other words, the animal in the car cannot interfere with the field of vision and the movements of the driver. Logically, this means you must transport your dog with a safety harness or in an appropriate cage.

Car seat covers for dogs aren’t required according to regulations. However, they’re very useful for keeping your seats in good condition, as well as for the comfort and safety of your pet. 

Necessary documentation when traveling by car with your dog

Before hitting the road with your best friend, you’ll need to bring your up-to-date documentation. The basic documents you’ll need when traveling by car with your dog are:

  • Health card, showing up-to-date vaccinations and deworming
  • Identification chip
  • Proof of address
  • If your dog is considered to be potentially dangerous, you must also have the relevant documentation
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