Meet the Basenji: A Dog that Doesn't Bark

Did you know that there is a dog that doesn't bark? This breed could be an excellent companion if you live in an apartment building with sensitive neighbors. These dogs are an unusual breed called Basenji. Today, we are going to tell you everything we know about them. Do you want to get to know them?
Meet the Basenji: A Dog that Doesn't Bark

Last update: 02 January, 2019

A dog that doesn’t bark is something that we might never have imagined could exist, but in today’s article, you can read about this peculiar animal.

More info about the dog that doesn’t bark


This dog that does not bark is originally from Africa. In the beginning, it was used for hunting and tracking down prey. In fact, in ancient Egypt, you can still see real-life images of this dog in paintings. This animal primarily comes from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Physical Traits

The Basenji is a beautiful dog with pointed ears. Also, they’re not very large in size, with males measuring 43 cm at the withers and females, 40 cm.

Their fur is short and silky, and they can come in 3 colors: black, gold, and striped. You might also see ones with tricolored fur in black, gold and white, but only as long as the white is in the minority. Their tails are long and they always have their tails coiled over their backs.

The weight of the males falls between 11-13 kilos and 10-12 kilos in the females. Their legs are short, which means they’re not large dogs.


There are those who say that the Basenji is a dog for adults. However, the truth is that they are also excellent animals for children because of their calm and friendly nature. Although when they’re young, they are playful and they like to destroy everything they find in their path.

For that reason, it’s important to do training exercises because they’re puppies.

These dogs are mischievous, stubborn and independent. As a result, they are known as the “cat of dogs”. However, they will create a strong bond with their masters and will not stand to be ignored by them. They will become very attached to their owners, perhaps too much.

They are obedient, but also sensitive. For this reason, if you have done something they don’t like and after they don’t obey your orders, it’s not because they don’t understand, but rather it’s revenge and deliberate disobedience.

Special considerations

The basenji, the dog that does not bark

They’re not complicated dogs to take care of. However, this breed is prone to having Fanconi syndrome, which results in kidney problems. If they are not treated in time, it could cause your pet serious health problems.

They can also have problems with their eyes and vision such as retinal atrophy and intestinal conditions. That is why a quality diet will be essential to avoid this type of problem.

Basenjis are very clean dogs. In fact, they are characterized by not having a similar odor to other dogs. It’s always good to brush their fur on a daily basis with a natural bristle brush, which will make their fur even more silky and shiny.

These dogs will need to be exercised on a daily basis because they’re very active and curious animals that like to be constantly moving. If you can, giving them a younger sibling of the same breed — ideally of the same breed — because both will help the other expend their energy and you’ll be relieved of this job a bit. Also, having another one of the same species and breed will keep them happy and healthy.

Basenjis are mysterious dogs but apparently, they’re suitable for all kinds of people. If barking bothers you, this is the ideal dog for you and your neighbors. Also, as you see in the photos, this is a beautiful animal. So, what more could you ask for?