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The Best Dog Breeds for Hot Climates

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Temperament, illness, and comfort are factors that are difficult to control when dogs are out of their natural habitat. That's why we want to take this opportunity to present the best dog breeds for hot climates.
The Best Dog Breeds for Hot Climates
Last update: 22 December, 2022

When it comes to adopting a dog, it’s important to be aware that not all breeds adapt to heat in the same way. Temperament, illness, and comfort are factors that are difficult to control when dogs are out of their natural habitat. That’s why we want to take this opportunity to present the best dog breeds for hot climates.

A classic example is that of the case of Siberian wolves that live in tropical countries. Though it may not appear so, this breed often suffers certain hardships when the summer months come around.

However, there are other breeds that are ideal for hot weather. Their phenotypic composition is exclusively designed to tolerate high temperatures. If you love somewhere warm and want to have a dog, it’s important to be aware of the best breeds for hot climates.

The best breeds for hot climates: The Australian Shepherd

The highest concentration of fur is located on the lower part of this breed, covering areas of its belly and chest. Their backs are more bare, allowing the Australian Shepherd to stand up to higher temperatures and direct sunlight.

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At the same time, these dogs are full of energy. They are designed for the demanding work of herding sheep in climates that are not necessarily cold.

American Staffordshire Terrier

With a short back and short hair, the presence of the sun won’t be a problem for this dog. The  American Staffordshire Terrier’s hair is course, providing skin protection on summer days and making it one of the best breeds for hot climates.

The Anatolian Shepherd

The Anatolian Shepherd comes from the warm areas of Turkey. It possesses all of the characteristics necessary for withstanding the warm days and cold nights of that country. The thickness of their fur is concentrated mainly on their legs and chest. They are used to hard work and have a great deal of energy.

The Basenji

The Basenji is another one of the best dogs for hot climates, given that their country of origin is none other than the Congo. They have short hair and tall ears that provide shade for their faces. What’s more, they don’t bark–perhaps a mechanism for saving energy.

The Basset hound

With long ears and short hair, these peculiarly short canines can withstand summer heat quite easily. They have no problem, given the reduced activity level that their bodies exert. These dogs don’t run–they only walk–which allows them to save their energy.


The Beauceron is similar in appearance to the Doberman. It has moderate fur and the physical strength needed to carry out physical activities despite high temperatures. They can adapt fairly easily to the summer climate.

The Doberman Pinscher

This miniature version of the Doberman has short hair and is just as comfortable in the cold as in the heat. Their high energy capacities allow them to remain active in hot temperatures.

The Galgo

When it comes to the best dog breeds for hot temperatures, the Galgo is ideal. Also known as the Spanish sighthound, historically this breed has withstood the high temperatures of Spain’s coasts. Their hair is very short and straight, allowing them to stay cool in warm and hot climates.

 The Mexican Hairless Dog

This Mexican native is also known as the Xolo. This is short for Xoloitzcuintli, its name in the ancient Mexican language of Nahuatl. Some Xolos have no fur at all–the result of genetic factors–and they are quite used to the year-round hot temperatures of Mexico.

The Whippet

This is a breed that simply doesn’t feel comfortable in cold climates. This makes it an ideal pet for summer weather and tropical climates. It’s skinny, has fine hair and comes from the family of the Iberian Galgo. Whippets are a perfect pet for those living along tropical coastlines.

The Beagle

The ancestors of these small dogs with strong muscular legs spent their time dedicated to the hard labor of hunting. Their fur is fine, hard and short, allowing them to establish internal balance despite sudden climate changes.

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The Chinese Crested Dog

This fine oriental breed possesses a dark skin tone and long hair that is extremely smooth. These factors help it make its way onto the list of the best dog breeds for hot climates. Its phenotypic makeup allows it to tolerate the particular characteristics of China’s climate.

The Peruvian Inca Orchid

This distant relative of the Xolo is another one of our favorite dog breeds for hot climates. They are great hairless companions that originate from the warm territory of Peru. The Peruvian Inca Orchid can put up with extremely warm temperatures but are also happy to bundle up and play in the snow.

The Great Dane

This is another dog breed that adapts very easily to warm temperatures. It’s short and abundant hair allows is to withstand the heat. What’s more, these giant friends have a strong respiratory system that helps them combat fatigue.

The Italian Greyhound

Similar to the Whippet y and the Iberian Galgo is the Italian GreyhoundThese canines may even have less hair and be even more slender than their close English and Spanish relatives.

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