Munchkin Cats: The Cats that Stay Kittens Forever

In this article, we're going to tell you about a cat that looks like it's a kitten no matter how old it gets: the Munchkin cat. Keep reading to learn more about this fascinating breed!
Munchkin Cats: The Cats that Stay Kittens Forever

Last update: 11 May, 2019

Boy, it was so cute when it was a kitten! You’ve probably found yourself saying something like that when you look at your cat. That doesn’t mean it’s not cute or beautiful anymore, but, if we’re being honest, kittens are so cute that you wish yours would stay that way forever. Well, there might even be an answer to that: Munchkin cats.

If you’re a cat lover, we’ve got good news for you! Now there’s a breed of cats that never grow up. They stay kittens forever! Don’t believe us? Well, keep on reading if you want some proof.

The kittens that never grow up

These cats are called Munchkin cats. They’re the product of a natural genetic mutation that still exists now because of cross-breeding between other cats with the same characteristics.

This gene, which some cats developed in a natural way, is actually very similar to the one that makes sausage dogs the way they are. Munchkin cats’ legs are much shorter than usual and this makes them look like kittens no matter how old they are.

Their story

It seems that during the 20th century there were lots of cats with short legs all over the world, from Russia to Great Britain. Some researchers say that it was around the time of World War II when we lost track of them.

They were discovered later on in New York, by Ellen Kasten, who gave them the “Munchkin” name because of their tiny legs. However, there was no official documentation of this specific breed of cat until 1983. That came when a teacher from Louisiana found two pregnant cats with very similar characteristics.

She kept one of the kittens and named it Blackberry. As for Blackberry’s siblings, they were born with even shorter legs, so she nicknamed them “Baby Legs.” Blackberry and Toulouse (a cat owned by one of her friends) are the parents of the cats we know today as Munchkin cats.

This breed first appeared in the media in 1991 in a TV show in the United States. At first, people thought that they were a product of a disease that affected its spinal column, which is what makes Dachshunds the way they are.

But a doctor by the name of Dr. Pflueger became fascinated with the breed and became one of its most famous breeders. Before that, though, he also did some research with them and realized that they were just as good at jumping, running, and doing twirls as any other cat.

Characteristics of munchkin cats

A cat sitting by a scratching pole on the floor.

The main characteristic that sets them apart from other cats are their short legs. They also have a relatively small body that’s mostly in proportion with their leg size. Males are usually no more than 6.5-9 pounds, and females don’t usually weigh more than 6.5.

Some Munchkin cats are bow-legged. You’ll need to get them checked to see if it’s serious or not. In that case, they may need to get some form of treatment.

Their hair can be long or short, soft or rough, and can come in many different colors. They don’t need any kind of special care, at least nothing a normal cat wouldn’t need. You shouldn’t estimate them, either. They can jump and somersault just as high as any other cat, according to some sources.

If you love cats, especially little ones, you won’t find a more friendly, affectionate, and little breed than this one. Munchkin cats make great companions, whether you live alone, with roommates, or have a family, because they’re great with kids too.

So, if you’re looking for a cat with the elixir of life – one that doesn’t seem like it has gotten any older since it was a baby – then this is the breed for you. They’re beautiful cats with the cutest, smallest, and most cat-like legs you’ve ever seen!

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