Professional Rottweiler Training

Although Rottweilers are powerful dogs, they are also extremely loyal and caring towards their owners. Proper training will help prevent any possible accidents.
Professional Rottweiler Training

Last update: 02 June, 2020

Professional Rottweiler training is important, but what is it? Rottweilers are kind, sensitive, and loving dogs. However, above all, they’re guard dogs that will protect their owners above all else.

This breed’s physical and psychological qualities have made them very well-known dogs, sometimes for positive reasons and sometimes for negative ones. However, in this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about professional Rottweiler training.

Don’t allow them to assert dominance

Firstly, trainers will insist that you don’t allow a Rottweiler to assert dominance over you, even as puppies. Maybe your adorable Rottweiler puppy wants to play or be petted. However, if you grant this request, you are obeying what they want. One key to effective training is to prevent the dog from feeling like the alpha.

2 rottweilers in a field.

Don’t allow aggressiveness or territoriality

Professionals will recommend that you never initiate play fighting or biting with your Rottweiler. You shouldn’t allow them to play tug-of-war with you with a toy or rope. Only a professional should initiate this type of stimulation of aggressiveness.

Don’t be patronizing

If your Rottweiler becomes stressed, aggressive, or disruptive, then be careful. A trainer will recommend that you never comfort your dog with caresses while they display these behaviors. The dog will interpret any positive gestures as gestures of approval.

A Rottweiler in a field.

Rottweiler’s require human contact

One unfortunate comment professional Rottweiler trainers often hear from owners is that they’ve tried everything, including hitting the dog. However, Rottweilers are very sensitive dogs and require human contact. If the dog knows that it will get some contact, whether positive or negative, they will repeat the action that earns them this contact.

A woman showing a Rottweiler a flower.

Professional Rottweiler training

Once a trainer has established all of the necessary rules, the trainer will most likely begin with routine obedience exercises:

  • One of the first exercises will be walking on a leash. Firstly, the dog must learn to focus on the person and walk with their shoulder in line with the person’s left knee.
    A Rottweiler displaying aggression in a field.
  • The second exercise is teaching the dog to stop. The dog must stop whatever they are doing when they hear a command. In fact, this is essential in order to continue the training.
  • Next, the third exercise would be teaching the dog to complete agility circuits. For example, these exercises force the dog to find their way out or follow commands from the trainer.
  • The fourth exercise is teaching the dog to follow action commands. For example, teaching the dog to sit, lay down, or attack and having the dog perform the action.
    A Rottweiler lying down.

However, trying to train your dog to perform these actions by yourself can be dangerous, both for your pet and for you as the owner.

In conclusion, professional Rottweiler training requires a professional to perform the training in a controlled, safe environment.

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