The Argentine Pila Dog, One of the Small Hairless Breeds

The Argentine Pila Dog is an excellent choice for a pet. It is a very affectionate, playful and cheerful dog. Find out about our recommendations to keep these hairless dogs’ skin healthy.
The Argentine Pila Dog, One of the Small Hairless Breeds

Written by Camila O.Thomas

Last update: 27 December, 2022

The Argentine Pila Dog is closely related to Peruvian Hairless Dog and the Mexican Hairless Dog. These three breeds are native to Latin America. As you may have guessed, one of their main characteristics is their lack of fur.

For those not familiar with this breed, an Argentine Pila Dog’s skin may look as it is suffering from a disease such as mange. However, the truth is that these dogs are practically hairless, which leaves their skin exposed.

Due to their lack of hair, Argentine Pila Dogs are prone to skin diseases, such as irritation or dermatitis. For this reason, you must take care of their skin constantly. If they get the proper care, the Pila Dog has proven to have an extremely long life. They can reach up to 20 years of age!

Argentine Pila Dogs are mainly found in the north of Argentina. Above all, they are prized for their soft skin. According to Argentinian legends, Pila Dogs came to the nation as a gift from the Incas  to strengthen political ties.

Argentine Pila Dogs can be three sizes: small, medium or large. However, the most common is the small Argentine Pila Dog. However, regardless of size, its fundamental observable characteristics remain exactly the same, as well as its temperament.

This breed is very affectionate with their families and with other pets. In addition, one of the advantages of owning this pet is that they adapt easily to small spaces. They are very playful and cheerful, while still being excellent guard dogs.

An Argentine Pila Dog on the grass.

Some characteristics of the Argentine Pila Dog

The origin of this breed is unclear, as there are no precise historical records about this type of animal. As we said before, it is believed that the Argentine Pila Dog arrived in Argentina as a gift from the Incan Empire. This theory is supported by how closely related the Argentine Pila Dog and the Peruvian Hairless Dog are.

Despite having been in Argentina for several centuries, the Argentine Pila Dog didn’t become popular until the 20th Century. In general, the hairless breeds are not very popular throughout the world.

Argentine Pila Dogs are dogs that, in general, don’t have masses of hair. This means that they don’t usually have hair on their bodies, except for in very specific areas. Many Pila Dogs have fur on the top of their heads and on their tails. However, this hair is never thick or plentiful, but rather it is straw-colored and dry.

Although it is not a well-known breed worldwide, the Argentine Pila Dog is easily recognizable. Their skin usually has a dark tone, similar to a lead gray color. You can also find black or brown dogs and some with white spots on their bellies and legs.

Argentine Pila Dogs have bodies with strong and stylized lines, like greyhounds. They are thin and well-proportioned dogs, which makes them a fast and agile breed. Characteristically, these dogs have long pointed ears that always stand erect on their narrow heads.

Dogs with kind and energetic attitude

The Argentine Pila Dog is an excellent choice for a pet. They are very affectionate, playful and cheerful, with plenty of patience. They are ideal for highly active families as they are dynamic and full of energy.

Three Argentinian Pila dogs.

Despite their energy, this dog adapts very well to any size of home. If you live in an apartment, Pila Dogs are also ideal. However, if you do, you should keep in mind that these dogs need to exercise regularly.

Daily walks are the perfect opportunity for your dog to burn off energy and let him socialize with other animals. This activity is very good for his state of mind as Pila Dogs are very sociable dogs.

Argentine Pila Dogs are excellent guard dogs if properly trained. Remember that they are a very intelligent breed that need intellectual challenges. Don’t be afraid to make the games  a little more complicated as your dog grows!

Basic care for Argentine Pila dogs

One of the fundamental things that should you should keep in mind when caring for an Argentine Pila Dog is their need for exercise. You must keep up with your dog’s need to burn energy, or he may become a restless and nervous dog.

Although this breed is very kind and patient, they can have less positive behaviors if you allow their energy build up. We recommend that you walk your dog daily and, in addition, have a daily session of games or exercise. Circuit training is an ideal sport for intelligent dogs.

One of the most important aspects that you have to pay attention to in the Argentine Pila Dog is its delicate skin. As it is not covered in hair, its skin is quite sensitive. For this reason, we recommend that you keep it hydrated with hypoallergenic products. However, always consult your veterinarian before using any type of chemical product on your dog.

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