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Your Dog's Skin: How A Diet Can Affect It

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Proteins are the most important component when it comes to your dog's skin health.
Your Dog's Skin: How A Diet Can Affect It
Written by Camila O.Thomas
Last update: 27 December, 2022

How does a diet influence your dog’s health? Your dog’s skin and fur are always good indicators of your dog’s health. A dog with strong shiny fur is a healthy dog. In this article, you can learn how a diet influences your dog’s health regarding their skin and fur.

A dog’s good health is always reflected on the outside. The condition of their eyes, ears, and mouth will say a lot about their diet and how well they’re cared for. Also, their fur and skin are good indicators of their strength.

Your dog’s fur should be shiny and never dull or brittle.  Usually, when a dog has healthy fur, they also have perfect skin. At the same, their healthy skin will be flexible, clean, and without flaking or lesions.

How diet influences your dog’s health

You shouldn’t underestimate how much a diet plays a role in the brightness and texture of your dog’s fur. Not all bodily organs are on the inside. The skin is the body’s largest organs.

In the same way that the internal organs renew their cells, the skin also changes and replaces its cells to keep functioning correctly. The skin of all mammals works in this manner.

However, human and canine skin have a few differences. Human skin is exposed to elements outside, however, dogs’ skin is completely covered from top to bottom.

A dog’s fur grows and sheds constantly, regardless of the breed or size. To keep a dog’s fur healthy and consistent, dog owners should pay close attention to their dog’s diet. A balanced diet will be the decisive factor for keeping your dog’s fur and skin in good condition.

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The importance of a balanced diet

A balanced diet includes proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, and vitamins. Plus, they’ll need the right number of calories depending on how much energy your dog uses up each day.

As well as eating foods that provide enough nutrients, a dog’s diet should also include foods to help absorb those exact nutrients. Coconut oil is a good example of these types of foods.

A dog’s diet should be balanced and digestible. Foods that difficult to digest will slow your dog’s metabolismHeavy or poorly-balanced diets will also affect the pace of the liver and kidney.

This is why a dog’s diet shouldn’t be the same throughout their entire life. In order for a dog to be happy, their diet should be adapted to their nutritional needs during each stage of their lives. 

If your dog’s diet doesn’t meet their needs, their fur and skin will be seriously affected. Their fur will become dull and often very brittle. Another symptom of a poorly-balanced diet is excessive fur loss, particularly on the tail.

Key foods for keeping your dog’s skin healthy

No two dogs are the same, so their dietary needs will be different too. However, some foods and dietary practices will always be good for their health, especially their fur.

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Their diet should always contain proteins because they’re important for keeping their skin healthy. More than 35% of nutrients derived from protein will be destined for your dog’s skin.

Fatty acids and medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) are important for a balanced diet because they correctly nourish hair follicles. They also help oxygenate the skin. Also, biotin and omega-3 is great for bright, firm fur and flexible skin.

Processed foods

Dogs don’t need to take food supplements such as syrups or tablets. A good diet will give your dog all the nutrients they need. Therefore, you should always be careful when choosing a dog food.

Dog foods are a good choice for owners who have a very busy schedule. Even though cooking a balanced diet for your dog requires a lot of time and effort, you should always be careful when picking out dog food.

The dog food you choose should be meet your dog’s nutritional needs. Look at the nutritional content and the quality of the ingredients before making your final decision because they’re the most important factors for your dog’s health.

When your dog is mainly fed dog food, you’ll also need to make sure they’re well-hydrated. Dogs who eat mainly dog food are more likely to be dehydrated due to the food being dry.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.