Why Do Wet Dogs Shake Off?

February 1, 2019
Dogs shake off for different reasons. Some dogs do it when they wake up. All dogs do it when they get wet. Many dogs shake themselves after an emotional moment.

According to different studies, wet dogs are able to remove 70% of the water from their coat with just a shake. When a dog shakes it can last between three to four seconds.

The reason why wet dogs shake off

As we well know, dogs shake water off after a bath, and they certainly shake off with energy! Dogs are expert shakers; it only takes them a few seconds to get dry.

A dog having a shower.

If dogs couldn’t shake off to dry, they would lose an awful lot of body heat. This is because their body heat would have to eliminate the moisture. For example, in winter, a wet dog can lose a lot of calories just by sitting there waiting to dry off.

How many shakes per minute?

According to other studies, wet dogs can increase or decrease the speed of shaking. Shaking frequency is according to the size of the dog. The smaller the dog, the greater the number of shakes needed to dry off.

For instance, large dogs (44 pounds or more) move their body 4 times per second, but small dogs shake 6 times per second or even more.

As we can see, shaking is actually a survival instinct. Staying very wet in the wild could be dangerous and even deadly. A soaking wet fur, especially in large-haired dogs, can weigh heavily on the dog, which can make it difficult for them to escape from predators.

Releasing tensions

Dogs also shake to release tensions. For example, dogs might shake after having a very tense moment with another dog. Also, they may shake after an intense hug from you. Don’t worry! Shaking after something intense is just their way of returning to their normal state.

Also, dogs do it when they wake up. Keep in mind that before living with humans, wild dogs used to sleep on the ground, where bugs, fleas, and other animals might have crawled on them. For this reason, shaking just after waking up is a way to get rid of all of them from their fur.

The importance of bathing

Staying wet doesn’t favor a dog’s health. It’s very important for dogs to stay dry to avoid problems brought on by humidity, such as yeast infections and bad smells. Drying is especially vital in long-haired dog breeds that have many folds in their skin.

Wet dogs can easily catch a cold and have problems with osteoarthritis when they grow old. For this reason, it’s very important to dry them properly, except when dogs can dry off by themselves easily. You should never let your dog dry naturally after a bath.

Drying off is an important part of dog hygiene

Drying a dog correctly is the most complicated part of the bath. There are some owners who dry their dogs using hair dryers. Although some pet clinics use them, their dryers don’t reach high temperatures, and only professionals will be using them.

The hot air from a dryer can burn your dog’s skin and cause a lot of pain, so it’s essential to regulate the temperature.

A wet dog during a bath.

In the drying process, the intention isn’t to make a hairstyle, but simply to dry the excess water off. The idea is not to brush or groom them as if they were in a beauty salon!

You’ll need to keep the dryer about 5 inches from your dog, and move it continually, not letting it stay on the same area for a long time.

If you want a special hairstyle for your dog, then it’s best to take it to a professional clinic!