Spas for Dogs in Spain

In Spain, there are several relaxing spas for dogs. At these amazing places, your pet will feel extremely pampered and cared for. 
Spas for Dogs in Spain

Last update: 18 February, 2019

The idea of escaping from the big city for a weekend and going to a relaxing place sounds great, right? Well, now you can enjoy this experience with your best friend. If you happen to live in Spain, or are traveling there on holiday, then you can choose the best spas for dogs out of the following.

7 dreamy spas for dogs

1. Hotel Barcelona Golf Resort and Spa (Barcelona-Catalonia)

This modern and luxurious resort, located on a huge golf club, is an excellent spa option for your dog. Among the establishment’s amenities are a spa with numerous treatments, fitness area, massage center, golf club, etc.

A possible ‘disadvantage’ is that only some rooms allow pets, and animals can only weigh up to six kilos. Therefore, we can only recommend it for cats and small dogs.

2. Aguas de Villaharta (Cordoba-Andalusia)

This beautiful spa is located in the Sierra Morena Natural Park and is the perfect union between culture, comfort, and relaxation. It was originally built in the 19th century, so we can also learn about the history of the region.

Dog being pampered at one of the spas for dogs.

It also offers all the modern treatments in its spa area and, in addition, it has all the technological benefits of our era to give you an unforgettable stay. Also, your dog will be pleased with the extensive green area where he’ll be able to exercise his body, mind, and senses. 

3. Areatza Spa (Vizcaya- Basque Country)

In addition to its extensive spa area and massage center, this spa in Gorbea Natural Park also accepts dogs and cats. Of course, the animals have to be well-trained. Their owners have to agree to keep a good eye on them during their stay.

We’re sure your best friend will love spending a few days in this untouched landscape. It has plenty of green space to explore, run, play, and enjoy a good nap.

4. Hotel Norat Marina & Spa (Pontevedra-Galicia)

This hotel is very modern, located in the heart of the beautiful fishing village of O Grove. Its design and facilities are incredible, and it also offers a very diverse range of beauty treatments and relaxation circuits in the spa.

Norat not only accepts pets in many of its rooms, but it also provides a special area for your best friend. Owners just have to request this when they book their time at the spa so they’ll know their pet will be well cared for.

An owner and his pet in the pool.

5. María Manuela Hotel (Benia de Onís-Asturias)

María Manuela Hotel, right at the entrance of Picos de Europa National Park, has some breathtaking scenery. The design and style of its facilities are meant to provide guests with an unforgettable experience. 

Its architecture connects to the tradition and history of the place, but the hotel also offers the most modern treatments in a complete spa center that resembles a cave. Dogs are welcome and they can even have their own bed in their owner’s room for a small additional charge. 

6. Gran Hotel Balneario Blancafort (La Garriga- Barcelona)

The Blancafort was one of the first spas for dogs in Spain to open its doors. Its historic building has been completely remodeled inside to provide its guests with maximum comfort. Also, they offer massages, beauty treatments and relaxation in the spa area.

You can find it just five kilometers from the Baños Reservoir, in the famous Baños de Montemayor. Its large area is ideal for our pets and it even has its own outlet to the spa of Montemayor. This is the perfect place for an amazing experience.

7. Balneario de Alhama de Aragón (Zaragoza)

This spa is very close to the spa town of Alhama de Aragón, famous for its thermal waters. In addition to a complete spa center, they also have very comfortable rooms that you can enjoy with your pet. 

This place might be the best of our spas for dogs, because it has a large green park located in its very quiet environment. It might also be the ideal opportunity to visit the beautiful Monasterio de Piedra, founded in 1195 by Alfonso II of Aragón.

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