Daycare for Dogs: Advantages and Disadvantages

Dog day care is an increasingly popular option when it comes to leaving your pet with strangers. However, these centers have their pros and cons.
Daycare for Dogs: Advantages and Disadvantages

Last update: 06 May, 2021

No matter how much time and organization goes into not having to leave your dog in the hands of a stranger, sometimes life leaves us with no choice. This is why daycare for dogs is becoming more and more popular when taking care of them becomes impossible.

These kennels are spaces specifically designed for the accommodation and maintenance of dogs for a limited period of time. If you’ve ever considered hiring this service, here are the pros and cons to help you decide if it’s the most appropriate one for your dog.

Advantages of daycare for dogs

Over the years, this service went from being a place where the animal is only fed and housed to real residences with a complex system of services, in which environmental enrichment and canine education are taken into account. Some benefits that dog daycare currently provides are the following:

  • The dogs are watched and cared for at all times by specialized personnel.
  • This place is a perfect opportunity for your dog to socialize and make friends. This is very beneficial for dogs with separation anxiety.
  • Environmental enrichment is also often included in the residency program, so boredom won’t be a problem for your dog.
  • Your dog will be able to do a lot of physical exercise, with all the health benefits that this creates.
  • If you’re concerned about leaving your pet in a stranger’s home, or giving a person access to your home, then daycare is a good alternative.
  • More and more daycare centers have an infirmary in the center itself, which allows professionals to provide immediate veterinary care in the event of an accident or illness.

In general, these centers are continually renewed to offer the best experience to your dog in all areas. However, and like everything else, it’s important to choose a kennel that best suits the needs of the animal.

Daily walking is essential for dogs.

Disadvantages of daycare for dogs

Continuing with the previous thread, daycare may not actually be the best option for your dog. These centers have some intrinsic disadvantages and other factors that you should consider before making the decision. Here are the most important ones:

  • It’s important that you check that the center’s vaccination and deworming protocol is strict, as many dogs will be living in the same area.
  • Your dog won’t understand why you’re leaving them in a strange place and going off without them. Even if it ends up having a good time, it’s inevitable that, at first, they’ll feel anxiety and stress.
  • Try to make a visit to the nursery before hiring its services, as the accommodation and care must be appropriate for your dog.
  • A dog with a social phobia can have a hard time in a kennel because of being in the company of so many dogs.

What to take into account when choosing a residence?

Hygienic and housing conditions must be impeccable: dog boxes cannot just be cages and the facilities must be capable of allowing them to see each other, as well as being an adequate size. Acclimatization conditions – for winter and summer – must also be optimal.

When it comes to enrichment and socialization, the ideal thing is to have an outdoor space where the canids can run and play comfortably. There should also be an indoor recreation area for days when it’s not feasible to go out.

If the nursery also has other services, such as dog education, hairdressing, or nursing, that’s even better. Of course, the staff need to be specialists in canine care and behavior.

The origin of the dog is very old.

In short, if you’re thinking of canine nurseries as an option for those times when taking care of your dog is totally impossible, make sure it’s the right choice for them.

For example, dogs with socialization problems or a complicated illness might do better with a trusted dog carer. However, if the dog is healthy and assertive, a daycare stay could be like summer camp for them.

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