When is the best time to walk the dog?

When is the best time to walk the dog?

Last update: 17 June, 2018

Routines are good for dogs. You should take their energy levels into consideration in regard to the time of the day you come up with their walk schedule.

Dogs are routine animals, so making a schedule is important in order for him to continue being a calm, happy, and well-balanced animal. What owner doesn’t want that for their pet? It’s true that people usually make food schedules, but what about the best time to take their dog out for a walk? Do you have a walking schedule too?

The best time to walk the dog is…

Walks are an essential part of a dog’s daily life. They shouldn’t be walk routines that are just for a few minutes long and only allows him to go to the bathroom and return home. For dogs, the walk is a ritual. It’s a way of letting off steam, releasing energy, and interacting with other dogs and people.

There isn’t actually a set time to walk the dog, and in fact, the animal will get used to the schedule you give him. Therefore, create a schedule that you can follow. You don’t want to walk your dog in a rush, but rather take your time and let him do what he needs to do during his walks.

What should you consider when making a schedule for your dog? Think that dogs are guided by nature’s schedule. If you didn’t have to go work, you would like to go on a walk at sunrise with good weather; your pet will like the same. Likewise, after not having gone out all night, he will be wanting to go out and will probably have to urinate.

time to walk the dog on the beach

A dog normally goes out three times a day. Therefore, dividing these walks throughout the day is what would be best. The next walk will be during midday, and you can choose if you want to do it before or after lunch.

It’s recommended to go out afterwards, since that way the animal can go to the bathroom and not have to wait until the following walk. However, in actuality this isn’t that important because dogs’ digestion is long; he could tolerate it until the next time he goes out.

Depending on your schedule, the last walk will be in the late afternoon or evening. This should be the longest walk and include games and exercise. It will let the animal release energy before going to sleep.

How to make a dogs walk more enjoyable

Life tends to be stressful, so you might get stuck in a rut. Walks can become routine to the point that neither you or your pet would enjoy them. So, write down these tips to prevent this from happening.

dog with stick during walk time

Let him sniff around

A dog’s olfactory glands are one of the biggest elements of your pet’s socialization, so sniffing is very important for him. If you are in a hurry, he won’t be able to do it. However, take the time to let your dog sniff around. His fun will depend on it.

Let him socialize

When there are other dogs it’s normal to feel nervous that a fight might take place. However, if you don’t let him interact with other dogs, you’ll be restricting one of his most natural instincts.

In order to care of this concern, first you could let the dogs get close and sniff each other without letting go of the leash. Once you are sure that everything is okay, you could take him off the leash and let them play.

Take him to an appropriate place

Depending on where you live, a dog park, the mountains, or the beach are perfect places to walk your dog. Remember that he will need to run, roam without a leash, and socialize with other animals. 

Maybe taking your dog to one of these places takes some extra effort, but it will be worth it if you do it. You will have a good time with your pet and he will be happy because you made that effort.

It doesn’t matter how long you walk your dog, take the time he needs and every enjoy special moment with your pet. Walks are more than just time to go to the bathroom, they are times that can strengthen your bond and make your dog a happier animal.


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