The Advantages of Vet-Mobile Veterinary Care

 In Spain, a Vet-Mobile (mobile veterinary unit) has already been implanted in several areas. It facilitates the work of vets and greatly benefits the pets. Would you like to know more about this and how do they work?
The Advantages of Vet-Mobile Veterinary Care

Last update: 03 March, 2019

This idea was born in the USA after some people realized there was a need to provide veterinarian care for pets without taking them out of the house. Just like at-home vets, this type of vet-mobile unit aims to help pets in a faster, more comfortable way.

At-home veterinarians

A dog in a vet-mobile.
at-home vets’veterinarians

They’ll travel as quickly as possible to your house, and will take care of your animal right there, as long as the care doesn’t require the type of intervention that’s not allowed outside a hospital complex. Yes, their rates will be a little higher, because their work schedules won’t be as full. The average charge is about 15 euros per trip.

You must be wondering what the difference is between an at-home veterinarian and a vet-mobile. Well, continue reading and we’ll tell you!

How does a vet-mobile unit work?

Although at-home veterinarians and vet-mobile units may appear to be the same, they are actually different. For example:

  • The vet-mobile unit won’t charge you for gas. And if it’s necessary to transport and hospitalize the animal, they’ll do so at no extra cost.
  • They provide a sterilized area for treatment.
  • They have the latest technology for treatment that can’t be carried out at home.
  • Emergencies cost the same as non-emergencies, in contrast to how at-home vets charge.

These are just some of the differences. So, what benefits do you get from a vet-mobile?

Benefits of a vet-mobile unit

Many dogs suffer accidents where it’s advisable not to move them. Transporting them to a clinic could harm the wounded animal.

There are also people who don’t have the means to transport their pet to a clinic. And, if it’s really ill, then it can’t be transported by bus or subway.

In addition to that, people who work long hours a day may have difficulty finding a clinic that’s open when they return home.

The vet-mobile service.

At-home vets don’t usually offer a 24-hour service. But vet-mobile units are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Also, in the case of an emergency, the mobile veterinary unit can transport the animal anywhere–just like a regular ambulance. In addition to that, other drivers have to pull over to let it go by. This helps them get to a clinic faster, and gives your animal a better chance of survival.

Many dogs don’t like traveling nor going to the vet, so being cared for in the comfort of their own home is a real bonus for them. Treatment will be easier if the animal isn’t scared or upset.

A vet-mobile unit makes vet care easier for you and your pet, especially in cases of emergency when every minute lost could be fatal for your pet.

There are many vet-mobile units in the USA, Spain, and in many other countries. This type of veterinary care is gradually changing the way we care for our pet’s health. And, hopefully, it will spread to more and more countries very soon.

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