Be Careful When Buying a Puppy

You have to be responsible when adopting or buying a puppy. Not only are they vulnerable at this stage, but there are also legal requirements.
Be Careful When Buying a Puppy

Last update: 08 April, 2020

Whether or not selling or buying a puppy is ethical is a matter for debate. On one hand, there are people that strongly advocate for adoption. However, others want to buy a certain breed.

The decision to get a dog is a very delicate thing. It doesn’t matter if you choose to adopt an abandoned dog or to buy a puppy. In both cases, it’s a living being that needs commitment, and is something we need to take seriously.

When thinking about buying a puppy, you need to make sure you really consider it carefully. It’s not like buying an object that you can return if you don’t like it. It’s a life that you’re promising to take care of forever.

A puppy drinking out of a bowl.

The number of abandoned dogs increases every day. It’s a matter that goes beyond a public health problem. In fact, it’s a question of morality and personal responsibility. So, whether you’re going to adopt or purchase, it’s important to be certain about it.

Buying and selling animals is a business. As such, there are regulations that you need to respect. These laws protect buyers, but it also protects animals’ rights.

Therefore, licensed stores or breeders are the places that should sell puppies. Both must comply with the laws and regulations, especially laws on animal protection.

Requirements for animal sales

Breeders and pet stores that sell puppies should:

  • Register as a business that buys and sells animals
  • Have the basic sanitary conditions that keep animals safe there
  • Have the appropriate trained staff to care for and attend to the animals’ needs
  • Own the necessary license and permits

Selling animals without the right permits is punishable with fines. However, the punishment depends on the city and state.

Steps to take when buying a puppy

If you’re thinking about buying a puppy, you need to make sure you do it from a reliable breeder or establishment. In addition, do some research before making a purchase. Also make sure it’s a place that’s clean and safe for the puppies. You shouldn’t trust places that don’t let you see their facilities.

Puppy running outside.

We also recommend keeping the invoice and the legal guarantee that will cover you in case the puppy gets sick. The details of the seller, the amount paid, description and breed of the dog must appear.

In this sense, you should demand veterinary certificates where vaccines and deworming procedures must be registered. It should state the health of the puppy. Also, make sure you get the pedigree certificate or the store’s commitment to obtain it.

Another important step is to take the puppy to the vet as soon as possible. That way, you can assert your rights if there are any issues. If the puppy is sick, the store or breeder must pay the costs.

In addition, we should mention that, in some places, the seller must deliver some type of identification. For example, this might be a microchip.

What to do for a potentially illegal puppy sale

Buying a puppy from people that aren’t legalized is risky. If you see someone that is illegally selling animals, it’s your duty to report it.

On the other hand, some places might sell puppies legally, but without meeting some of the standards. In that case, you should also report them. Ultimately, by reporting illegal puppy sales you could save them possible abuse.

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