Have You Heard of Online Pet Sitters?

Going on vacation when you have a pet can be hard. However, there are online pet sitters that make it easier to find someone to watch him while you're gone.
Have You Heard of Online Pet Sitters?

Last update: 01 March, 2019

Anyone that has a pet knows how hard it can be to go on vacation because you don’t know what to do with your furry friend. Yes, there are kennels, but your city might not have one, or it might have bad reviews. But don’t worry, because online pet sitters are becoming more and more popular every day.

They say that our imagination is unleashed when there are constraints. This is the case in many countries where financial crises have hit hard. Entrepreneurs have had to invent countless trades to get ahead, or at least to make ends meet. This was the case with the idea for online pet sitters.

We’re going to tell you everything we know about this very interesting new option when leaving your pets to go on vacation. 

What are online pet sitters?

One of the online pet sitters walking a dog.

Online pet sitters are mostly young people who love animals. For a small fee, they’re willing to stay with your pets for several hours, days, or however long you need.

Usually, they’ll go to your home to pick him up. Or, alternatively, you can take your pet to their house. Of course, before trusting a stranger with your pet, you should meet the person and visit their home to put your mind at ease.

Then, you just have to give them instructions with regards to your pet’s diet, exercise, and any medications.

Why the need for online pet sitters?

There are many advantages to leaving your pet with an online pet sitter. For example:

  • Your pet will get his daily exercise. In a kennel, the animals are very well cared for, but they probably aren’t taken out to run around. A pet sitter will do this because they usually aren’t overloaded with too many dogs. Therefore, they can give yours more personalized attention.
  • He’ll be with people in a home. Being in a place full of dogs isn’t the same as being in a cozy home where someone is personally taking care of him. Your dog will thank you for it.
  • Reduces separation anxiety. Although your dog will know you’re not there, being in a home instead of a kennel will make him feel more comfortable. Also, he’ll have less separation anxiety than he would in a kennel full of other dogs where he’s not getting personal attention.

Where to find online pet sitters?

An online pet sitter walking dogs.

There are different websites where you can find all kinds of online pet sitters. You can filter the results to choose the one that’s best for you and your dog.

There are some that are best for larger dogs because they live in the countryside, and others who live in apartments who can only take small dogs. You can find out if they’re smoking or non-smoking, if they have other pets in their home and how those pets are with other animals. 

You can also see other users’ reviews to see what kind of reputation the sitter has. This will give you a greater peace of mind during your vacation.

All you have to do is type online pet sitters into your search engine and you’ll get a bunch of websites that offer their services. However, you should talk to your friends and neighbors first. There might be a sitter in your neighborhood that you already know who you may feel safer about choosing. 

As you can see, going on vacation doesn’t have to be a problem anymore. In addition to dog hotels, kennels and other options, you can choose something that will make your dog feel more at home. This entrepreneurial initiative is definitely a great help to anyone who has pets. 

So, the next time you want to escape for the weekend, you won’t have to worry so much knowing that you have these options available to you.

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