Do You Like Puppies? Check out These Instagram Accounts!

There are some little dogs on Instagram that have become super famous. In some cases, it's for how gorgeous or sweet they are, or how ridiculously cute they look.
Do You Like Puppies? Check out These Instagram Accounts!

Last update: 08 December, 2018

Can you think of anything cuter than a puppy? It’s hard to come up with anything, isn’t it? No matter how your day is going, when you see a little dog being clumsy or making funny faces, you can’t help but smile. They brighten up your day. Nowadays, there are people on Instagram who have made accounts for puppies.

Instagram pages for puppies

Willie Cute

This little Yorkshire has been dazzling us with their style and outfits since they were a baby. Sometimes he even takes pictures with their friends, who put on their best look for the occasion.


Tuna Melts My Heart

This sweet little dog was abandoned in a garbage bin, probably because his owners thought he was “ugly.” Their beauty standards were apparently too high for this adorable little guy.

tuna melts my heart

However, it was his strange beauty that made him one of the most popular puppies on Instagram. Even now that he’s an adult, he’s still one of the most highly-followed dogs on social media.


This page doesn’t mention any specific puppy. Instead, this Instagram account features lots of different puppies going about their days: showing off their cuteness, skills, and all the trouble they get into. Now people are also posting kittens and other baby animals.

puppies on Instagram

If you go onto this Instagram page, you’ll see some of the cutest puppies ever. They fall, tumble, or simply get scared by something random. You can get lost on this page for hours without the smile ever leaving your face.

Buddy Boo Blue Benny

This is one of the most famous puppies in the world. Many people also see him as the most beautiful in the world. Even though he may not be a puppy anymore, he’s still so small that you’d never notice him. Follow his page to see this amazing Pomeranian go on all kinds of adventures with his friends!

buddy boo blue benny

Wow puppies!

From the name, you can guess what’s on this page. You can find some of the cutest puppies on Instagram, and the internet, here. They come for fun, original photo shoots with their amazing outfits and friends, shoot videos, and do just about anything else they know how to. Look it up!


Daniel Sánchez Arévalo

This famous, award-winning writer messed up when it comes to keeping the spotlight when he showed the world his puppy. This sweet little thing took over the Spanish Instagram. He’s tiny, and even now that he’s an adult, he still seems like a puppy. The looks his owner gives her definitely help too.

daniel sanchez arevalo's puppy


Angruna is a little chihuahua that belongs to one of the most famous chefs in Spain: Jordi Roca. Jordi is a fun guy, and you’ll laugh a lot if you check out his page — sometimes he recreates famous movie scenes with dogs, adding his own personal touch. That’s not to mention all the costumes…You’ll absolutely die, you have to check it out!

jordi roca and angruna


Ever since he appeared on social media, this puppy has stolen the hearts of millions thanks to his beauty. He looks like a shitzu, but he’s actually a shitzu-chihuahua mix. Besides how gorgeous he is, he’s also very sweet and you won’t be able to help smiling as you scroll through his page. We guarantee it!



This Spanish Instagram page has posted over 900,000 photos of the cutest, funniest puppies you’ve ever seen. You’ll laugh, cry, and smile when you look at it. It’s one of those Instagram pages that never fails to brighten your day, no matter how bad it has been.


Did you already know about all these pages? If not, then what are you waiting for? Follow them and get to know all the adorable puppies out there, you won’t regret it!