Able, the Two-Legged Cat and His Heart-Wrenching Story

June 25, 2019
It's amazing how they too have the ability to overcome the challenges life brings them. This is the case with Able, a two-legged cat.

In this article, we’d like to tell you about Able, a two-legged cat who’s always happy, full of energy, and definitely enjoying life.

There are stories that truly touch our hearts. Particularly when they’re about resiliency and overcoming difficulties. It’s amazing how every species has the ability to overcome physical challenges. Wounded or disabled animals just keep going without feeling sorry for themselves every day.

In this story, Able, a two-legged feline who’s also known as kangaroo-cat, is a happy-go-lucky animal who lives in Bangkok, Thailand. He lost his front legs in an accident but has bounced back, literally, on his hind legs.

When that cat was younger, he received a massive electric shock from some loose wires in the street. The bang was so loud that surrounding neighbors thought a bomb had exploded.

Consequently, Able’s tail and front paws just fell off and left him vulnerable to other aggressive street animals. However, seven days after the accident, a neighborhood couple found Able stranded in an alley. They think the accident happened as Able was trying to chase a bird on the roof of an apartment and he carelessly touched an electric power line.

After the loud bang

As a consequence of the accident, Able didn’t just lose his two front legs but also his tail. In spite of it, he wasn’t about to give up on life, regardless of the bad premonitions. The cat was badly hurt when someone cured him. His front legs and tail already missing. The couple who found him named him Able and never lost hope that he would completely recover.

So, they nursed him back to health with lots of visits to the veterinarian, taking care of his wounds and showering him with lots of love. Two years later, Able made a full recovery and became the happy cat he is today. He’s learned to climb stairs, chase other cats and even jump walls by bouncing around like a kangaroo. The people who adopted him gave him the name Able because he can move around just like any regular cat.

Able, the two-legged cat goes viral

Able, the two-legged cat.

Able’s recovery was a long process, but now he’s thriving. Of course, now everyone wants to hear to know how Able can walk, especially up and down stairs, and also what he does every day. Because of that, his profile has over 90,000 followers on Instagram.

There are prostheses that Able could use but his owner doesn’t think he needs them. The two-legged cat moves around beautifully on his hind legs. He goes up and down staircases, gets on and off the bed, and jumps around doing anything he wants on his own.

Able’s story of how he overcame his disability couldn’t be kept away from the world. His experience, made public through social networks, serves as an inspiration to many who are going through difficult situations in their own lives.

Yes, this kangaroo-cat is quite famous online. However, the most important thing is that he’s in a home where he’s happy and feels loved.

Dino, the two-legged cat and a bunny.

Animals who overcome their difficulties

This isn’t the first time an animal has overcome difficulties or survived after a bad accident. Unfortunately, there are many animals out there who, due to abuse or accidents, have lost their limbs.

Thinking about how animals react in adverse circumstances is definitely an encouragement to help us to be stronger. We realize that we, too, can overcome anything that comes our way. There’s a very strong survival instinct within us that encourages us to go on even when everything seems to be against us.

This two-legged cat story is an example of strength. Remember that, no matter what goes on in your life, you’re still alive. Life is a gift to enjoy every day. Live every day as if it was your last, just as Able does.