Rescue Team Rescues Dog at Sea

Taking your dog to the beach is fun, but there are certain risks to take into account.
Rescue Team Rescues Dog at Sea

Last update: 16 November, 2020

Sometimes, we come across headlines like this: “Rescue team rescues dog at sea“.

Below, we’ll investigate a little more about this event. Also, we’ll mention some essential advice for taking the dogs to the beach in order to avoid mishaps like the one that concerns us today.

Rescue team rescues a dog at sea

Sometimes, dogs can get themselves into a bit of trouble. One of the most recent cases is that which took place in Wales in August 2020.

Apparently, the dog in question got excited chasing seagulls and ended up a mile and a half out at sea. Members of the sea rescue team are used to responding to urgent calls for help. However, we can be sure that this particular mission is one they’ll never forget.

The sea rescue raft quickly set out in search of this adventurous dog. Thanks to this team, the animal was able to meet its grateful owner on the beach after a terrifying scare.

An owner holding her dog on the beach.

Precautions to follow with your dog on the beach

As we’ve seen, a simple walk on the beach can lead to a headline like “rescue team rescues dog at sea”. For that reason, it’s important to follow a series of precautions when taking the dogs to the beach. Below, we’ll offer you some tips.

Find a quiet place and a safe bathing area

One thing that dogs can’t resist is snooping around in the sea and possibly taking a dip. This is normal, although it’s best to choose a safe, shallow area that doesn’t have currents.

Therefore, the animal will be able to enjoy playing in the water, something that will help prevent heatstroke. That’s because when bathing, the animal’s body temperature goes down.

Besides watching the currents and the depth, another important detail is the beach warning flag. Depending on the color the flag indicates, the dog will or won’t be allowed to swim, just like human beings.

Pay attention to the animal

Even though you feel like resting and disconnecting when you go to the beach, taking an animal demands responsibility. You need to make sure that the dog doesn’t suffer (or cause) any damage or annoyance.

When spending time in a public place, it’s important to respect the other people who are on the beach. In addition, by keeping an eye on your dog, you’ll make sure it doesn’t get lost chasing gulls, like the dog in question.

Protect your pet from the sun

Although it may seem a little strange, sunscreen is necessary for dogs. Areas with little hair and little pigmentation, such as the nose, require protection.

Another detail that can go unnoticed is protecting the pads of your dog’s feet. Just as we jump when stepping on hot sand, a dog’s paws are more sensitive to high-temperature surfaces.

For this reason, a pad protector is very useful, especially if the dog goes to the beach often. Nevertheless, you should also avoid going to the beach during the early afternoon, since that’s when the sun is stronger.

Take food and water

Likewise, not only must you protect your dog from the sun by applying sunscreen, but you must also keep your dog hydrated. It’s essential that dogs drink clean, fresh water frequently. Therefore, you should take a water bowl and food bowl with you.

This is especially important because if they consume salt water, it can lead to gastrointestinal problems. The same happens if they accidentally ingest sand. Therefore, it’s important to pay close attention to your dog at all times.

Check if the beach admits the entrance of animals

Normally, you can check on the internet to find out if the beach you’re going to allows dogs. This is because some beaches are suitable for their stay and others are not.

Therefore, before going to a coastal tourist area, you must first ensure that you’ll be able to enter with your pet; owners must respect the legal obligations imposed on the beach. If you have a guide dog or canine assistant, be sure to carry relevant documentation at all times.

Of course, even though some beaches allow for dogs, your pet is still your responsibility.

An owner running with her dogs on the beach.

In short, a day at the beach can become a nightmare if you’re not careful. For that reason, whenever you take a dog to the beach, you need to take certain precautions.

In addition, always make sure that your dog’s wearing a collar with your contact information, just in case. This way, both the owner and the animal will be able to enjoy a day at the beach without any mishaps.

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