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The First Dog Swimming Pool Opens in Madrid

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The First Dog Swimming Pool Opens in Madrid
Last update: 17 April, 2018

During summer, we like going to the swimming pool. Leaving our pets get us sad because we know it´s hot out and they would also like to cool off. Fortunately, that problem is solved.  Well at least in Madrid, the city with the first dog swimming pool.

On a different occasion we let you know about the great idea of having a dog beach where your dog can run, play and be with other dogs. Of course, this is difficult in Madrid, since this beautiful Spanish city has no beaches. The alternative was to open the first dog swimming pool. We’ll tell you all about it here. 

The first swimming dog pool

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The swimming pool is located on a farm in Brunete, a town in Madrid. The farm is 9000 square meters. Its clients are very special:  only dogs. Therefore, the pool’s depth does not exceed 80 – 90 centimeters.

It was built to mimic natural landscapes. It is shaped like a beach.  Even the effort of making a shoreline took place so older dogs or the most fearful ones can approach the water and cool down without submerging themselves.

This pool is open until September 30th, and its owners intend to offer other activities without water after that date. Its schedule is from 12 to 7 pm, Thursday to Sunday, making this initiative an excellent option for spending the weekend with your pet.

It costs about 10 euros if you go with your dog. Nevertheless, it costs 3 euros if you would rather look around or walk.

Dog Swimming Pool Rules

Like all pools, this one has its rules. For example, people cannot bathe in the dog swimming pool.  It is exclusive for dogs. However, furry friends who are afraid to go in, or are in rehab may be accompanied by their owners to the edge. Although, owners can never go inside the water.

Aggressive dogs must be supervised at all times and be muzzled if necessary. On the other hand, dogs in heat are prohibited.
No doubt this is a good alternative for playing with our dogs and allowing our pets to enjoy themselves. Although, not all cities are taking the initiative to offer these swimming pools. This can be a hassle in regards to thinking what to do with your dog during the weekend and holidays.

What if there aren’t any dog swimming pools in my city?

If you don’t know what to do with your dog, especially in summer, take note of these tips and enjoy nature with your pet. Here’s where you can go:
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  • The beach. Maybe in your city there are no dog swimming pools, but you may have a dog beach.  Did you know they existed? They are separate areas on public beaches for canines to run and socialize with other dogs. Take your pet and see if it enjoys it.
  • The mountains. If you like mountains, take your dog with you! Up in the mountains, the weather will be cool, and the both of you can escape the hot summer heat.
  • A river. A river is a great option for escaping the heat and allowing your dog to exercise. Normally rivers are open to anyone, including animals. Your canine will love going inside the river with you and you will have fun playing in the water.
  • A dog park. If none of the other options are available to you, it is possible that there is a dog park in your town or city where your pet can run with others dogs and have a little fun.
Whatever it may be, keep in mind your dog needs entertainment and definitely exercise. Have fun with your dog.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.