7 Foods Your Cat Will Love

No matter how picky cats can be, they still can eat all kinds of treats.  Well, at least only in small amounts, because they are high in sugar. Also, treats are not meant to replace their regular food or natural diet -- such as the BARF diet -- if that's what you are feeding your cat. 
7 Foods Your Cat Will Love

Last update: 01 September, 2018

Some people think cats are much more complicated than dogs, especially when it comes to food. But don’t worry, there are some foods that all cats absolutely love. You just have to know what they are. So, read on and find out!

Obviously a cat, or any other animal, needs to have a nutritious diet. Therefore, cats eat treats because they are meant for fun and to win over their affection.

However, once again, it’s a good idea to remember that these candy-like foods for cats should never replace their food or BARF diet.

Cat eating

 The foods your cat will love

Without further ado, the following foods will activate your cat’s taste buds.


We’re not really sure if cats love the texture or the flavor about plantains, but once you give them a piece, they’ll beg for more. Plantains are also very healthy because they’re high in potassium.

Just remember that they should be a treat, because most fruits — especially this one — have a high sugar content, which is something your cat shouldn’t eat.  


Everyone knows cats love dairy, and cheese is definitely one of the foods your cat will love. Apparently high-quality cheeses that have aged for a long time, are their favorite. It’s good to feed grated cheese to cats, because it will be easier for them to chew on. 

Cats love eating delicious foods, so they won’t be able not eating fancy cheese or other kinds. Cheese is also really good for cats because it’s high in calcium.


You’ve probably seen pictures of ham or pork on a lot of different cat food brands. That’s because cats love it, so why not give your cat to a little ham or grilled pork every once in a while?

pork, one of the foods your cat will love


Pasta is another thing that will make your cat’s taste buds more than happy. Of course, remember to give it to them in moderation and without sugary sauces or things like onion, because they can be harmful to cats.

If you want to feed your cat pasta, then you can make him some fish, meat or an appropriate vegetable like tomato to go along well with pasta. As always, remember that you shouldn’t give cats pasta often, because this food isn’t part of their natural diet.

Melon and watermelon

Your cat will love both of these very healthy fruits because they have a lot of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Make sure to cut them up into small pieces so your cat doesn’t have a hard time eating them.


Cookies are definitely a type of food all animals love, especially cats. Just as mentioned earlier, cat should not eat too much sugar. Likewise, you shouldn’t feed your cat too many of them.

cat cookies


Cats love the shape and flavor of this healthy food product. Carrots are useful for cleaning their teeth. Likewise,  cats have a lot of fun eating them because they’re so hard. Plus, your cat will also love other vegetables such as broccoli and spinach. You cat can even experience trying new things or even mixing them all together.

Likewise, it’s crucial for your cat to have a balanced diet.  Therefore, after reading this article, now you know what foods your cat can eat and have fun with.  Even though, your cat may enjoy this food, it should never be a main source of  foodThus, the best way to find the right diet for your cat is to get advice from a trained veterinarian. 

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