How to Care for Your Dog During a Financial Crisis

How to Care for Your Dog During a Financial Crisis
Francisco María García

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Last update: 22 December, 2022

If you are going through a challenging time financially, you may need to consider alternatives to having a dog at home. A very important thing to consider is that humans can eat pretty much anything, but animals can not. Keep reading to learn a few tips on how to care for your dog during a financial crisis.

Interesting Tips on How to Care for Your Dog During a Financial Crisis

You can keep giving your dog meat, but begin buying less expensive cuts. For example, you can buy chicken, certain cuts of beef and pork, etc. However, this is only a possibility if the animal is in good health. Otherwise, you should follow a diet that is set by a veterinarian.


The option of of vegetable protein is also interesting, but it is important that dogs are carnivores. There are certain foods that cause allergic reactions in some dogs, and it is important that you know what they are and avoid them at all costs. For example, dogs should never eat salt, garlic, onions or fats.

As an example, out the foods in our pet’s bowl, 50% of it should be proteins, 40% of it should be carbohydrates and 10% should be vegetables and fruits. As for amounts are concerned, to know how much food to give your dog, multiply his or her body weight by 0.04.

The result of this multiplication will give you the amount in grams that your dog should be eating daily in order to support his or her system. This amount can be divided into two portions, like one in the morning and another at night. Knowing this will also help you with how to care for your dog in a financial crisis.

Cost-Effective Foods for Dogs

The most highly recommended vegetables for our dogs are carrots, spinach and Swiss chard. Typically, grains are not as great a choice for dogs.

Homemade food is always a good choice for your furry friend. This does not mean that you should not continue giving your dog dry kibble. Instead, you can combine both types of food.

Homemade dog food has a flavor that your pup will appreciate and can help you care for your dog during a financial crisis. It also provides quite a few nutrients that are very beneficial to your dog’s health, such as proteins, vitamins and all kinds of trace elements.

You have a lot of options, like making individual rations that will last you two to three days. You can also separate rations for several dogs, and store them in clear plastic film, in small glass jars, etc.

When properly refrigerated or frozen, these individual rations are an excellent option for always having a portion of homemade food available for your dog. Even though the food will last for several days in the freezer, fresh food is always the best option for your dog.  Do not forget that it is in your refrigerator!

Highly-Feared Abandonment

Abandonment is usually another pressing consequence of financial crisis. In recent years, there have been thousands of cases of pets left by families who cannot support them due to their fragile economic situations.

In some cases, it is because they have lost their home and have to move to a relative’s house, where there is no room for animals. Or people may have to move to somewhere with no permission for pets. Other times, it is because they can not pay for their veterinary treatments.

Having an animal that is sick or has other problems at home implies expenses that not everyone can afford.

It is a fact of life that financial difficulties influence the decision to keep a pet. You may be going through a situation where you can not keep your pet, but abandoning him or her shows a total lack of awareness about what it means to acquire and live with a pet. It also shows ignorance about the obligations involved in having decided to have a pet at home in the first place.

A person who abandons an animal is someone that miscalculated the financial effects of having an animal at home. We hope this article is giving you some ideas of how to care for your dog during a financial crisis.

Alternatives to Abandonment

It is obvious that you have to review all of the available possibilities before you separate from your dog. If it is not possible for you to keep him or her, it is best to find the animal a new home where it can be cared for appropriately. Dogs offer us a countless amount of benefits, and you should not take separating from your pet lightly.

If you cannot keep your pet at home anymore you could consider the ideas below:

  • Boarding Kennels

If you are temporarily unable to care for your dog during a financial crisis, due to specific situations such as moving, hospital stays or trips, for example, the best option is probably a boarding kennel.

One consequence of using these boarding kennels is the subsequent abandoning of dogs in these facilities. Presently, there are several measures that must be followed such as the obligation to place a microchip under the animal’s skin, and sanctions in case of abandonment, that have slowed down this practice.

  • Shelters and Animal Protection Organizations.

This is an excellent option, especially in cases where the owner cannot continue taking care of the dog, despite his or her desire to do so. By placing the dog in this new situation, the animal has the opportunity to be adopted by another family that can offer him or her a new home.

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