Why Do Dogs Spin Round Before Going to Bed?

Dogs doing spins before bed is fun to watch, but like everything else, it is behavior that must be thoroughly understood in order to avoid disruption.
Why Do Dogs Spin Round Before Going to Bed?

Last update: 06 August, 2021

If you live with a dog, it’s very possible that you’ve observed this behavior and you’ve wondered why dogs spin round before going to bed. If it’s something that worries you, don’t worry, as it’s totally normal behavior. However, it’s a good idea to understand what’s happening in order to be able to detect when it may be a sign of an underlying problem.

In this article, you’ll be able to explore the reasons for this behavior, as well as its evolutionary origins. In addition, you’ll be able to understand what needs your dog has at bedtime, so that it spinning around is more an opportunity to record a video than a cause for concern.

Why do dogs spin round before going to bed?

It’s normal to wonder why dogs turn around before going to bed. Even though they’ve been by our side for many years, there are still certain details that escape human intuition. Here are the answers to this question.

They spin for safety and instinct

In dogs’ behavior there are still reminders of their life in the wild, when sleeping was something just as necessary, but much more dangerous. So, spinning around is a way to spot any nearby threats that might have gone unnoticed, such as poisonous snakes or insects.

In addition, canids tend to face the wind to sleep, so that it refreshes them and brings them smells from their surroundings. In this way, if something dangerous is approaching, the animal can detect it from a distance.

Finally, spinning allows the dog to spread its scent in the area it’s occupying. This behavior indicates to the other members of the “pack” that this is their place, in addition to helping them find it later on, to be able to rest in the same place.

Why do dogs roll over before sleeping?

They spin for comfort

Sometimes the simplest explanation is the most accurate one. Just as you roll over in bed and adjust the pillow, dogs prepare their ground by flattening it with their feet. In this way, they make it flatter and softer, in addition to finding the most suitable position to lie down.

For this same reason, your dog will scratch the bed before laying down.

Ancestors of today’s dogs

The evolutionary reason that dogs spin round before bedtime comes from the ancestors that gave rise to today’s wolves and dogs. Therefore, if you watch any canid lie down, you can see how it turns around before finding the right place. Both flattening the ground and scratching to remove stones, insects and other things are part of the ritual that these animals follow before going to sleep.

What to do if it becomes a repetitive habit?

Like any behavior pattern, if the dog spins round before going to bed and this becomes somewhat excessive, then you may be observing a conduct disorder. The most common reasons for this repetitive act are usually conditions of stress or anxiety, as well as being caused by physical pain due to an organic disease.

If you notice that the dog spins round much more than normal, or that it does so and then doesn’t lie down, it may have become obsessive behavior. If so, the animal is suffering psychologically and you should take it to the vet to resolve the problem.

What to do if a dog chases its tail?

Another way for dogs to spin is the game of chasing their own tail. It’s something that’s normally seen in puppies and that disappears with age on its own.

For this reason, an adult dog that spins around frantically without stopping can be an example of the so-called canine compulsive tail-chasing. This conduct disorder has the same origins as obsessive tossing and turning before sleep (such as with stress), but it can also be due to a neurological problem.

In this case, as in the previous one, it’s best to consult a professional. Whether it’s a physical problem or their psychological well-being, suffering must be eliminated.

The perfect bed for dogs

No matter how comfortable the bed is, you can always see that the dogs spin round before going to bed, as it’s their instinct. However, taking care of their rest is just as important as any other aspect of their health.

The most important thing when choosing a bed for your dog can be summarized in two points: comfort and hygiene. It should be soft enough for it to sleep peacefully, but also washable. If it’s a puppy, soft blankets in a cardboard box may suffice, as dogs tend to be destructive early in their development.

Botulism in dogs causes immobility.

The keys to maintaining your dog’s health dog lie in good observation and the support of a professional. It’s natural for you to feel concerned for the well-being of your canine companion, so a deep understanding of its behavior will help you to detect problems that may arise early on. If you learn to “read” your dog, you can also enjoy beautiful moments knowing that everything is going well with them.

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