Maple, The Musical Dog That Has Touched Many

There are some pretty special dogs out there. One of them is a musical dog called Maple that has won fame and affection from thousands on social networks. Learn more about her story below!
Maple, The Musical Dog That Has Touched Many

Last update: 08 July, 2019

It’s well known how intelligent and skilled our furry friends are. But the truth is that they never really cease to surprise us. And, especially now, with social networks you can find out about the latest famous canine achievements almost as they happen. This is the case with Maple, the musical dog. She’ll surprise and touch you as you watch her accompanying her owner in his videos.

A very special duo: Trench and Maple, the musical dog

Maple and her owner Trench make music together.

Source: AcousticTrench Facebook page

Trench is the name that Maple’s owner gives himself online. This guitarist, harpist and player of many other instruments became well-known on the internet with short videos uploaded to the Vine platform.

The artist performs and records various covers of famous musicians. These are as varied as Lady Gaga, Bob Marley and Lenard Cohen, among others. He also features a few of his own musical creations.

And so, what does Maple the musical dog do? Well, sometimes she plays the xylophone, sometimes percussion, and sometimes even accompanies the songs with her barking.

But the most affectionate pose you can see her in is peacefully stretched out at her master’s feet, listening and even snoozing. Meanwhile, he’s quietly strumming away on the guitar. And, according to Trench, if you listen carefully sometimes you can even hear his doggy friend snoring in some of the recordings.

Here we tell you the story of Maple, the musical dog that has created a frenzy on social networks. She accompanies her owner, a multi-skilled musician named Trench.

Maple, from shelter to success on social networks

Maple, the musical dog, has lived with Trench ever since he adopted her from an animal shelter, when she was a puppy.

She’s a gorgeous mixture of Border Collie, Golden Retriever and Shetland Sheepdog. She’s won the affection of thousands of followers on:

  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

On the different social networks, you won’t just be able to watch this canine as she accompanies her musician owner, but also observe her in various cute poses in the photos. Here’s a link so that you will be able to appreciate her in action together with Trench.

Dogs and music, an interesting combination

Well, we already know that Maple has a great time while her owner plays different pieces of music, and even has fun accompanying him at times. However, what is the relation dogs have to music?

We humans tend to be kind of inward-looking when it comes to tastes. We tend to think that our pets, since they are members of the family like us, have the same likes or feel music in the same way as we do.

On occasion, you might forget one small detail… pets are a different species from us! They don’t feel the same way we do. However, there is research that seems to show that music doesn’t leave dogs completely indifferent. How does it affect them?

Can a dog have musical preferences?

The results of this research seem to indicate that canines have their own musical preferences. Certain melodies or types of music tend to relax them and others make them more active.

You may even know of several dog owners that like to leave calming music on when they go out. This is so their dogs will have peaceful sounds when they have to stay home alone.

There are even specific tunes for dogs, based on the fact that canines can hear different frequencies to us.

Here’s another interesting fact you might not know. There’s a certain field of study called zoomusicology, that looks at the animals’ music, or the music they produce when they communicate. It also involves studying how the animals themselves react to these sounds and the effects that they generate.

Classical music, something new?

Maple is playing the drums to her owner's music.

Source: AcousticTrench Facebook page

It would seem that classical music is especially appealing to our four-footed friends. This is especially true when they decide it’s time for a siesta.

For example, investigators from the School of Psychology of the University of Queens (United States) concluded that this type of music has the following effects in dogs:

  • They relax
  • They tend to bark less
  • It increases the time they dedicate to resting

On the other hand, if you like listening to heavy metal, you should be aware that this will also affect your pet. Your dog’s stress levels will increase and it may bark constantly.

Of course, each animal is a world unto itself. There’s nothing set in stone about each animal’s likes and dislikes. It would seem that Maple, at least, really likes Trench’s music, so much so that she adds her own touch to his renditions.

Image source: AcousticTrench Facebook page

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