The Least Active Cat Breeds of All

Some people would like to adopt a cat, although they'd rather have a quiet one. Some cat breeds are least active than others. However, you must know that the way you raise them will influence their behavior.
The Least Active Cat Breeds of All

Last update: 15 February, 2021

Usually, a dynamic person with an active routine would prefer a more energetic dog or cat. Similarly, one who’s laid back would prefer one of the least active cat breeds. So, it’s a good idea to try to find a pet that has the same level of energy as you before adopting one.

On the same note, a person with less time on their hands who only wants peace and quiet often gets along better with a relaxed dog or cat. Information is always important, so knowing about the personality of different breeds can help you choose an ideal companion.

The least active cat breeds

This article will discuss the most chilled cat breeds so it’ll be helpful for those considering adopting one of these animals. Of course, you must keep in mind that the behavior of an animal depends on the education and the environment they’ve been exposed to.

American shorthair

According to specialists and passionate cat parents, the American shorthair is the quietest cat out there. In fact, this breed stands out for its balanced temperament, high sociability, and devoted loyalty to its family members. In addition, they’re excellent pets for children due to their docility and patience.

An American Shorthair is usually quiet and requires simple care but definitely enjoy playing. However, the affection and companionship of their owners is a must for them in order for them to be content and healthy.

The Chantilly/Tiffany cat is a real cuddler

This animal is up there with the previous one in regard to temperament. It isn’t a popular breed for some reason in spite of being rather charming. A docile, affectionate, and curious feline who’s neither mischievous nor hyper.

A black cat.

In addition, this breed loves hugs and strokes and is quite friendly. This kind of cat is a fast learner so you can easily train them. Their fur requires certain upkeep for it to be neat and to prevent knots.

Birmans are beautiful and sleepy

The sacred cat of Burma is also an excellent companion for those looking for a quiet sociable feline. These animals have a remarkably docile personality and usually enjoy long daily naps.

A white and brown cat.

This is a particularly lovely breed as it came from crosses between Persian and Siamese cats. In addition, they also have a rather special charming character. As you can see, they definitely possess the best characteristics of their ancestors.

The Somali cat is highly sociable

This breed of cats stands out for its level of sociability and for its easy balanced character. In fact, they’re one of the few breeds that are most at ease around new people and animals. Plus, they spend many hours sleeping or resting in the company of their humans.

A red cat.

The Maine coon is a gentle giant

This may just be the most popular giant cat breed of the modern era. Despite their imposing size and physical build, these cats are quiet and affectionate. Their most peculiar characteristic is they love to play in the water.

A Maine Coon walking.

Note that Maine coons are usually more active at night, especially when they’re kittens. Thus, they should be in an environment where they can expend energy during the days and rest at night.

Persian cats are rather affectionate and among the least active breeds

This has been the most popular cat in the world for many decades. It didn’t happen by chance though, these felines aren’t just really, really, ridiculously good looking, but also chilled and docile. Persian cats are quite loyal to their humans and usually patient with children and other animals.

Persian cats are among the least active breeds.

Abyssinian cats are playful yet relaxed

This cat is one of the symbols of the ancient Egyptian civilization. Furthermore, they’re a cheerful playful breed with a rather docile well-balanced demeanor.

A honey colored cat.

Abyssinians require simple grooming and hair maintenance. However, their need for attention may require more time from their owners than other breeds.

Ragdolls are among the least active cat breeds

These exuberant pussies are so relaxed and quiet they often resemble stuffed animals.

Any sleepy cat is among the least active breeds.

Ragdolls play well with other pets and humans and also love a good nap. They’re also highly intelligent and easy to train, so they can learn many tricks.

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