Why Cats Love to Throw Things On the Ground

You may have asked yourself a bunch of times, "What is my cat doing?" We'll explain one strange cat behavior - why they throw things on the ground.
Why Cats Love to Throw Things On the Ground

Last update: 02 August, 2019

If you live with a cat, you may have questioned a few times some of your cat’s strange behavior. For instance, why do cats love to throw things on the ground over and over again? Let’s take a look at some possible answers to this question.

Feline behavior that can destroy precious things in your home

Any cat owner knows that cats do what they want and don’t really care what anyone else thinks. And that’s one of the reasons why some people love them so much (and maybe even envy them sometimes!).

Cats love to throw things on the ground.

We know that some people certainly don’t “love” it when cats throw things around. On the other hand, when you watch them do it, there’s no doubt that they’re having a great time!

Another factor is also that cats are curious creatures. When they’re exploring and learning about their environment, more often than not, things end up on the floor.

As a result, people who study animal behavior have tried to come up with some answers about strange cat behavior. So keep reading and maybe you’ll find the answer you’re looking for!

Do you often wonder why cats love to throw things on the ground? In this article, we’ll look for some answers to this feline behavior that can destroy a lot of things in your home.

Cats, born hunters

The first reason why cats throw things on the ground seems to be to do with their hunting instinct. This instinct doesn’t go away just because your cat has a secure source of food every day and doesn’t leave the house very often, if at all.

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to observe a cat when it catches a rodent or a bird, you’ll notice that they don’t eat them immediately. Sometimes they don’t eat them at all!

What the cat will definitely do, however, is play with the prey. A famous tango song has a line that says, “How the lazy, cowardly cat plays with the miserable mouse.” But beyond the poetry of the line, you can’t put human emotions on to animals like this. They just act instinctively.

So it’s not crazy to think that even an indoor cat is practicing his skills as a hunter with different objects around the house. And if these objects are up high, they’ll most likely end up on the floor.

Why do cats throw things on the ground?

A second reason that might explain why cats throw things on the ground is boredom. We already mentioned that cats are very curious. And if your cat is spending lots of time alone or you don’t pay much attention to her, she might be looking to amuse herself with different things in your house.

And of course, then there’s the possibility of these things falling and breaking.

What we recommend is that, firstly, you take precautions so that you can avoid your valuables ending up broken. Secondly, you should look for other ways to keep your cat amused.

If you don’t have the option to spend a lot of time playing with her, give her lots of safe toys to play with. Nothing will guarantee that she’ll play with them instead of throwing your things on the ground, but it’s worth a shot!

On the other hand, you could consider getting another cat for your cat to play with. Although you run the risk of twice the damage with two cats, if the cats play together they might not throw things on the ground as much. Cats are unpredictable, but isn’t that part of their charm?

A “destructive” way to get your attention

We could also consider the option that maybe cats like to throw things on the ground just because. Maybe it’s a way to try to get your attention.

A cat laying on the floor.

Consider this: the first time your cat dropped something on the floor, did you run into the room to see what happened? If you did (or still do), there’s no reason for your cat to think that every time they throw things on the floor, they won’t get a repeat result. It could easily be their way to get you to run into the room.

Remember that domestic felines are very intelligent and observant. So, as much as you can, spend time playing with your cat and petting it. Maybe you’ll prevent so many things getting broken in your house!

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