Hamster Wheels - Why Are Hamsters Crazy About Them?

Why do these little rodents go crazy about hamster wheels? Read on and find out!
Hamster Wheels - Why Are Hamsters Crazy About Them?

Last update: 16 November, 2019

If there’s something that comes to mind when we talk about a hamster it’s a tiny animal running around in a wheel. This is an entire subject up for discussion. Have you ever wondered why hamster wheels are such a hit with these little rodents? Well, we’re about to tell you!

Hamsters are some of the most sought after pets, especially in families with children. This is because younger children love animals and parents think that a small animal can teach them all about responsibilities. They usually do so before the children can graduate onto a larger pet. However, the sound of hamster wheels can often become very annoying. But, you know what? You shouldn’t take it away! We’ll explain why.

Does a hamster really need to run around in a wheel?

A person holding a rodent.

The answer is yes. Hamsters need three things for a satisfying life: water, food and a wheel to run on. Rodents, especially the smallest ones, always need to be active.

This comes from their ancestors, who had to spend a lot of time running away from their predators, and thus they evolve into restless and nervous creatures. A hamster can spend a reasonable amount of time sleeping or just resting, but they’ll spend most of their time doing exercise.

Actually, these animals shouldn’t be locked up in a cage because they need to move as much as possible. So, just having a place where they can run is of utmost importance for your hamster’s well-being.

What would happen if a hamster didn’t run around in a wheel?

As previously said, a hamster needs three things to thrive: food, water, and a running wheel. For instance, humans also need three things: food, water, air. So, what would happen if we didn’t have any of those three? Well, the same could happen to your hamster if you remove one of the items on the above list.

A running wheel to carry out their most primary instincts is vital for any hamster. You mustn’t believe it’s just another toy you can put in or take out of their cage on a whim. There should always be a wheel in your hamster’s cage, just as you always need to have food and water.

What are the benefits of hamster wheels?

In addition to being part of their life and satisfying their survival instincts, it’ll bring them peace of mind and emotional balance.

Furthermore, you mustn’t forget that running is a form of exercise, so your hamster will be fit and will have strong joints and muscles. Also, it’s vital for the proper functioning of their hearts and other organs.

Remember, a healthy hamster is a happy hamster.

What else can you do to please your rodent pal?

A rodent on a rock next to a flower.

Hamsters are used to different habitats when in the wild. A place for walking, a place for sleeping, a place to run and one for resting.

So, setting up a few rooms in your hamster’s cage will help them feel more comfortable as it’ll be similar to their natural environment. It’ll make them feel at home with their family.

Also, hamster balls are very useful because with them you can let them loose anywhere in the house without fear of something happening to them. You can keep an eye on them at all times. Your tiny friend will really thank you. However, don’t keep them there for more than 15 minutes, as it could have the opposite effect.

You’ve now learned that hamsters run around in a wheel due to their natural instincts, and that having one inside their cage is a must.

So, knowing these kinds of details will help you take better care of your pets and give them a more satisfying life.

Thanks for reading.

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