How to Choose the Right Cage for a Pet Gerbil

The gerbil's tail makes up for 60% of its body length and is used to gain balance while bounding.
How to Choose the Right Cage for a Pet Gerbil

Last update: 05 March, 2020

It’s true that when adopting a new pet, many needs must be met. Sometimes we’re already informed about how to do it, and yet sometimes we may need a little help. For instance, how do we choose the right cage for a pet gerbil? In this article today, we’ll give you some advice.

We must bear in mind that a cage will be their house, your pet’s home. Therefore, it’s very important to acquire one that has everything your pet really needs. Making a rushed decision isn’t a wise investment because you’ll eventually need to buy another one. Thus, we’ll give you the best tips so you can avoid making a poor choice.

Make no mistake when choosing a cage for a pet gerbil

We must understand that all pets, including gerbils, have a natural habitat. Therefore, when adopting one we must make an effort to give it a home that resembles their habitat as much as possible. Basic hygiene rules must be observed here and the animal must always have access to food and water.

Types of cages

There are different cage types you can choose from. These are the most common:

A gerbil close-up.
  • Normal cage. This is the typical hamster cage with bars and a plastic bottom tray. This is surely the option that will cost you the least money, but it’ll also be the one that creates the most mess. Remember that mice, like the rodents that they are, love to dig. As a result, this type of cage allows all the dirt to get outside. On the other hand, it’s very possible that the mice will bite the bars, damaging them.
  • Aquarium. A large fish tank can be turned into a terrarium for your pet. Choosing this option will obviously result economical. However, we can always get a second-hand one and cut the costs even more. The only thing you’ll have to be careful with is the lid, as it should have one or more ventilation openings.
  • Terrarium. A reptile terrarium is also a good option for a mouse. However, the downside is this option can be more expensive. Nevertheless, if you decide to go for it, you won’t regret it. The only drawback is that they are heavy and it’s difficult to place the drinking and feeding bowls in. However, other than this, this one of the most recommended cage options.

Things to consider when buying a gerbil cage

The first most important factor when thinking of buying a gerbil cage is, of course, how spacious it is. Gerbils love to move around a lot and are mischievous. Therefore, it will need space in which to move and jump at ease. They have needs such as running around, digging, and running. Enough room is important for these kinds of activities.

If a pet gerbil doesn’t have enough room to exercise, it can suffer from several problems, such as:

  • Compulsive behavior, such as repetitive wall scratching, compulsive digging in corners, and obsessive gnawing on the terrarium or cage bars. It can also exhibit excessive hygiene behavior patterns which could lead to skin, tail, and leg problems.
  • Social issues. We know that mice must live in communes, as being alone pushes them into depression and behavioral problems. If there isn’t enough space in the cage for everyone, they may start fighting for territory.
  • Depression and stress. If mice don’t have enough space to move around in, they may be unhappy or even become depressed. They may start out not wanting to eat much, sleep little, and end up becoming irritable and less docile.
  • Cannibalism. If your pet mice have had babies, they may resort to cannibalism to get more space if there isn’t enough for everyone.

In summary

These are our tips for choosing the best cage for a pet gerbil. The point is to make them happy and provide them with everything they need.

After setting up their cage, read some gerbil forums online, and find a vet who treats small exotic pets near you. Consider adopting your gerbils from a shelter if your local shelter has them!

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