The Life Cycle of Hamsters

The average hamster lives a short life of approximately 3 years. During the time, from the moment its born until it reaches old age, it passes through several different life staages and can come to reproduce several times. Today, we'll take a look at the life cycle of hampsters.
The Life Cycle of Hamsters

Last update: 20 May, 2020

The life cycle of hamsters

Of the almost 20 species of the Cricetinae subfamily, only a handful make for suitable pets since they’re easy to raise in captivity. All of them possess elongated cheek pouches in their mouths which extend to their shoulders. They accumulate food in these pouches, and females may even place their young in their pouches when they sense danger.

The life cycle of animals is as follows:

1. Birth

When hamsters come into the world, they can weigh between .07 and .10 ounces. At this time, they’re blind and deaf and their bodies are completely bald. What they do have when they’re born are the characteristic teeth of their species.

Hamsters sleeping in their cage.

During the first week (minimum) after being born, it’s key that mothers aren’t bothered or “visited”, even by the father.

Upon the first sign of danger during this period, a mother’s first reaction will be to stuff her babies in her pouches and ingest them.

2. Development

Hamster babies grow very quickly. During their first week of life, they already eat solid foods–which is why they have teeth when they’re born. At the same time, they continue to consume their mother’s milk until they’re a month old.

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