Five National Parks in the United States

California is the state with the most national parks in the United States (ten), although Alaska is a close second with eight, and Utah with five.
Five National Parks in the United States

Last update: 24 January, 2021

Did you know that the first natural reserve in the world was created in the USA? In its vast territory, there are dozens of protected areas, some more well-known and visited than others. In this article, we’ll tell you about the best national parks in the United States. You can’t miss them if you want to learn about local fauna.

The most visited national parks in the United States

There are almost 60 protected areas in the United States and the first one came to be in 1872 (the oldest in the world). The State of California is home to the most national parks in the United States -ten- followed by Alaska -eight- and Utah with five. Among them we can highlight the following:

1. Yellowstone National Park

We couldn’t begin this list with any other park than the oldest in the world. It’s located mainly in Wyoming, but also in Montana and Idaho. One of its main attractions is the geyser ‘Old Faithful‘ which spews steam and water several meters high.

Yellowstone National Park was home to several native tribes and contains lakes, rivers, canyons, and mountain ranges. What’s more, it’s home to several mammals – including grizzly bears, gray wolves, and elk – as well as birds, reptiles, and fish. It’s also the home of the bison, which appears in this article’s title photo.

2. Everglades National Park

Everglades National Park is located in the state of Florida and protects a wetland of 2355 mi² which is unique in the world. The eternal marshes or reed beds of Florida became a national park in 1947 and you can access it by State Highway 9336.

An alligator in Everglades National Park.

The Everglades are home to many birds, such as herons, flamingos, ospreys, and American anhingas (sometimes called snakebirds). Although, without a doubt, the main inhabitant here is the American alligator and crocodile
. Also, within the typical fauna, we find otters, manatees, turtles -like the Florida red belly- and sometimes deer, cougars, and snakes.

3. Yosemite National Park

This is one of the most-visited and famous parks in the country, with an area of over 1860 square miles. It belongs to California and sits in a valley that sits between a beautiful mountain range. In its surroundings, we can find several protected areas.

A coyote in Yosemite National Park.
In a walk around the region, we can find giant redwood forests, granite cliffs, crystal clear rivers, waterfalls, and a great diversity of fauna. It’s home to many species, including the black bear, raccoon, woodpecker, mule deer, lynx, red fox, coyote, royal mountain snake, otter, and skunk.

4. Theodore Roosevelt National Park

While it’s not as well known as the previous parks, it’s very important in terms of biodiversity protection. This park is located in the west of North Dakota and has an extension of less than 186 mi². It consists of three sections, which the Little Missouri River crosses.

A buffalo in a field in Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

President Roosevelt traveled to the region to hunt. However, he later chose it as a refuge after a major upheaval in his life: his wife and mother died the same day. Therefore, the park honors him with its name.

Among the main attractions of the park, we can highlight the viewpoints that allow us to observe the wildlife without difficulty. The typical fauna consists of bison, white-tailed deer, wild horses, golden eagles, mule deer, and elk.

5. Grand Canyon National Park

This is another of the National Parks of the United States that you can’t miss. With an extension of some 3100 mi², it’s the main jewel of Arizona and was created at the beginning of the last century. It’s crossed by the Colorado River and its orange and brown rocky forms are a breathtaking natural spectacle.

A condor overlooking the Grand Canyon, one of the the National Parks in the United States.

The fauna of the Grand Canyon is mainly composed of birds, among them the California Condor which was reinstated in the 1990s. There are also coyotes, cougars, lynxes, and rocky mountain goats. All of them are somewhat difficult to observe except for coyotes, and from a distance.

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