What Animals Are Akin to Dogs?

Did you ever think that your dog could live with another species besides humans?
What Animals Are Akin to Dogs?

Last update: 22 March, 2019

“They fight like cats and dogs!” This is a universal saying that expresses the apparent combatant relationship between felines and canines. Despite this, there are many homes where cats and dogs live together and they are bosom buddies. However, there are other animals that are compatible with dogs. Would you like to know what animals are akin to dogs?

We’ve made a list of  5 animals that are akin to dogs. It may amaze you that cats are on this list. Continue reading to find out why.

5 Animals most like dogs

Dogs are sociable creatures and by nature they like to associate with all types of living beings, be they animals or humans.

Cats are animals akin to dogs.

Cats and dogs are friends

There’s a myth that cats and dogs don’t get along. However, this is merely an urban legend. Cats and dogs can coexist peacefully without any problem. It’s a matter of knowing how to follow the right steps to create a friendship between the two.

To accomplish this, the owners need to understand both animals and realize that they are different. For instance, this includes their personalities, their peculiarities, and their needs. It’s important that each one has its own space and personal food and water dishes.

It’ll help if both animals are of similar age and opposite sex. There’s no need to make them play together or spend time together. They’ll do this alone when they are ready and will then create a friendship. As a result, you’ll have better photos that you can share on the internet.

Ferrets: the friendly rascals akin to dogs

People have had ferrets as pets for a number of years. They are known for being naughty and rebellious. However, they may seem very different from dogs, but they have a lot in common. 

Both of these animals are mammals and need to be part of a group to be happy. In addition, on a leash, they can take walks together.

The individual personalities of dogs and ferrets may be able to relate when they play together. There can be two situations: they may have a permanent friendship or they may ignore each other. Nevertheless, they are able to live under the same roof. 

Rabbits are so sweet

Normally, an animal that seems more like a dog would be able to get along with one. The rabbit is actually one of those animals since it’s sociable, docile and calm. That said, we need to be aware of which one we choose, since there are some breeds that are very nervous, such as the Dutch Dwarf Rabbit.

If both the rabbit and the dog are socialized, they aren’t just able to live under the same roof, but can also become friends.

Rodents, animals akin to dogs

Whether it’s a hamster, Guinea pig, or mouse, they can live with a dog as a companion without any problem.

Maybe they’re not friends and sharing a home is actually against their nature. Rodents are nocturnal animals and dogs aren’t. However, while one is awake, the other is sleeping. This makes for a great relationship!

Birds, different but ideal

Two birds being fed by hand.

Even though birds and mammals are very different from each other, this doesn’t prevent them from living together. On the other hand, it would be almost impossible for them to have a very close relationship.

It’s not always an impossibility since on occasions there are videos of dogs and parakeets, for example, that have a close friendship and don’t go anywhere without the other.

They may be friends or not, but birds and dogs are animals completely compatible to live together in the same home and share owners.

We need to be aware that even though there are animals that are compatible with dogs, socialization of the dog is necessary so problems don’t arise. In conclusion, any of these 5 pets mentioned can be a perfect companion for a canine, even when there is already a dog in the house.

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