Amazing Animals that Live in the Jungle

Humans must share the earth with all plants and animals; otherwise our carelessness will result in the continued extinction of many species.
Amazing Animals that Live in the Jungle

Last update: 03 March, 2020

Many species, such as mammals, reptiles, insects, and birds live in areas with dense vegetation. Did you know that animals that live in the jungle make up 57% of the world’s animal population? In this article, we’ll tell you about some of the most amazing ones, so stay with us!

What kinds of animals live in the jungle?

It would be almost impossible to list all the species of animals that live in the jungle. Not only because there are many, but also because there’s not enough information on some of them. However, we’re happy to be able to tell you about the following amazing jungle animals:

1. Armadillo

It’s a mammal that lives in the forests of Central and South America, and whose name varies according to the country. “Tatú”, “Mulita”, “Quirquincho”, “Toche” or “Peludo” are just some of those names. The Armadillo has nocturnal habits, likes to eat insects and possesses a complete body armor with long claws. Thus, it’s an excellent digger and excavator.

2. Anteater

Another name for it is “Palmero”. They’re solitary animals that live in the jungles of the American continent. They do somewhat resemble bears in terms of their diet: ants and termites.

Morphologically and aesthetically, it has black and white fur, no teeth, strong claws, a long snout, and a long, slimy tongue to catch its prey. With regard to reproduction, their gestation period lasts 190 days and the young are born in spring or summer.

A close-up of a small chimpanzee.

3. Chimpanzee

It shares almost 99% of their DNA with humans and lives in the jungles of West Africa. Its diet is based on fruits, roots, nuts, leaves, and invertebrates. However, it also has the ability to hunt for birds and small pigs. Chimpanzees are very intelligent, live divided into social rankings, and use tools to dig wells and other activities.

4. Leafcutter ant

In this group, we can mention not one but 47 species of ants that live in the forests of the American Continent. In addition, this is one of the most complex societies in the animal kingdom.

It should be noted that an underground nest can reach 100 feet wide, have an area of 2,000 square feet, and accommodate 8 million individuals. Thus, a colony begins with a flying female who appears with several males and produces thousands of eggs.

5. Gorilla

A herbivorous primate, the largest of its family and another of the outstanding animals that live in the jungle forest. Their natural habitat is particularly the African jungles and rain forests. The gorilla can weigh up to 440 pounds and can be 5.7 feet tall. Even though this may seem incredible due to its strong constitution, it eats very healthy and low-fat food: fruits, sprouts, leaves, and insects.

The female’s gestation period lasts almost nine months. However, they spend 3 or 4 years in between births as their babies don’t leave their side at that time.

6. Hippopotamus

The hippopotamus lives in West Africa and there are two species: The Common Hippo and Pygmy Hippo. It’s a large mammal with short legs, a stubby body, and a large head. Its main characteristics are the large nostrils above the muzzle, the absence of hooves and the presence of four toes on each foot.

A swimming Hippo.

7. The Black Mamba

The Black Mamba inhabits sub-Saharan Africa and is one of the most poisonous snakes in the world. It spends most of its time up in the trees and is also very fast. These reptiles have daytime habits. In addition, their diet consists of lizards, small mammals, and birds.

8. Macaw

This gorgeous bird is very famous for its feathers’ vibrant colors. It lives in tropical areas, has daytime habits, is very social and lives in flocks of dozens of individuals. It breeds from the age of four, lays up to four eggs per season and its diet is mostly composed of seeds and fruits.

9. Nile crocodile

This reptile is one of the three species that live in Africa, specifically in the waters of the Nile River. However, there are also populations of this species living in the sub-Saharan region and on the island of Madagascar. This imposing crocodile can weigh up to 550 pounds and measure around 16 feet long. In addition, it mostly feeds on animals that come to the river to drink: it drags them and drowns them first, and then devours them.

10. Leopard

Last but not least, this jungle animal list includes a beautiful big feline with an impressive roar. The leopard also lives in other ecosystems such as forests or savannahs.

It’s worth noting that it possesses retractable claws, is a night hunter, and sleeps in caves during the day. It should also be noted that the leopard is usually a solitary creature, except during the breeding season. In addition, females can give birth to up to six pups per litter.

In summary

With over half of the world’s plant and animal species living in some type of jungle, it’s important that we cherish and protect them. These places and their life systems are in danger because of mass deforestation caused by the hand of man. However, many people are fighting against this, and hope that, in the near future, we can stop this from happening completely.

Main photo credits: Fernando Flores

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