7 Ways to Scare Off Pigeons

You might want to scare off pigeons because of the diseases they carry, and the damage caused by their excrement. You can do this using homemade, yet effective, means. 
7 Ways to Scare Off Pigeons

Last update: 24 March, 2019

People don’t like these urban birds at all, because there seem to be just so many of them, and also because they defecate everywhere. In this article, we’ll give you some ways to scare off pigeons from your house.

Why should you scare off pigeons?

Pigeons are somewhat annoying birds. They can make nests anywhere, and might spend the day sitting on your window or balcony. Everywhere they go, they leave filth behind. They can ruin buildings, objects, cars, and gardens with their excrement.

They are everywhere in the city, especially in town squares, on terraces, and in courtyards. Furthermore, they aren’t very clean. It’s worth noting that they can also carry several diseases, and transmit lice or bacteria.

A pigeon sitting on a window.

Ways to scare off pigeons

It’s fun to feed one or two pigeons in the park with some breadcrumbs or seeds, but it’s not so much fun when you have an entire flock fluttering over your house. Without using drastic or dangerous techniques, here are some homemade ways to scare off pigeons:

1. Old CDs

Not sure what to do with all those discs you have lying around that you don’t use anymore? You can use them to build a “pigeon scarer”! All you have to do is tie them together with a string and hang them somewhere visible.

When the sun reflects on the surface of the CDs, the birds will fly away. The brightness hurts their eyes.

2. Water and spices

No birds like spicy things. Therefore, a great technique for scaring off pigeons is to spray something spicy in the corners of your patio or deck. You won’t be poisoning them, and they won’t come close once they smell the spices.

How do you prepare this homemade remedy? Simply put chili pepper, cayenne pepper, or any other hot spices in a jar. Add water and mix well. Then, put the mixture in a spray bottle and spray it in the places where the pigeons perch.

3. Slanted bird barriers

One of the best ways to scare away pigeons is to prevent them from perching nearby! Bird barriers aren’t very expensive, and prevent birds from walking on a surface. You can make them from metal, PVC, or plywood, and place them at a 40 to 60-degree angle.

The best part about this technique is that the barriers will also shelter your windows from the sun and rain.

Pigeons perching on a roof.

4. Nets

Some buildings have nets to keep birds from perching on balconies, windows, or cornices. They might not be very aesthetically attractive, but they are certainly effective. In addition, they can even be a safety feature for kids.

You can also cover air conditioning units, fireplaces, and small windows with stainless steel mesh.

5. Plastic owls and crows

Did you know that pigeons are afraid of owls and crows? Instead of getting real birds, you can just buy a toy one made from plastic or metal.

Some models even turn their heads with the wind, have eyes that reflect light, or emit sounds like real birds. You should change the toy’s location from time to time to make it more effective. Don’t forget that these are very intelligent birds!

6. Silver objects

If you don’t have any more CDs at home, don’t worry! You can use other objects to reflect light, like cookware made from metal, or even silver balloons. The goal is to produce a flash that pigeons won’t like. That way, they won’t want to perch on your deck, patio, balcony, or window.

7. Water

The last method to scare off pigeons requires installing a sprinkler or some other device that waters plants periodically (with a timer). The water will scare them away, because they don’t like it at all.

In addition, in order to scare off pigeons, we recommend not leaving food outdoors, like your pet’s food dish. And, needless to say, don’t ever feed the pigeons under any circumstances!

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