Cats Perceive What Humans Can't!

Can cats perceive and tap into our energy? Cats can perceive things that we can't, for example the electronic waves of some devices, as well as the pain that humans suffer from.
Cats Perceive What Humans Can't!

Last update: 29 January, 2019

There’s been a lot of talk about the “spiritual” abilities of felines, and how protective they often are of their homes. In this article, we’ll try to answer the question of what cats perceive in their surroundings, and whether they could actually protect us from evil.

Cats perceive what we don’t

Many experts believe that our pets can detect energy emitted by humans and by devices, both inside and outside our homes. You may find it strange that cats like to sleep on top of the TV, microwave or computer. But that’s because they can pick up on these technological devices’ invisible waves.

Some cats will even rub up against cell phones, laptops or tablets. You may think that this is his way of leaving his scent or drawing attention. However, it’s also a technique he uses to absorb the negative waves of these devices that are connected to the internet.

Also, if we take into account the physiognomy of these animals, then we’ll be able to answer our question of whether or not cats can perceive energy. To start with, they have whiskers that work like radars. In addition to that, their eyes are able to see in the dark without any problem.

Cats perceive invisible energy from devices.

That, then, explains why they have the ability to detect what we can’t see or hear. If your cat stares at a certain spot in the room, or if he suddenly looks alarmed for no apparent reason, it may be because he’s sensed some type of disturbing energy in the environment. 

Cats perceive pain

Felines like to be in places where there are negative vibrations or where the energy doesn’t flow freely. You may have wondered why your cat lies down to sleep right by the part of your body that’s hurting. For example, he may lay by your stomach if you’re having premenstrual cramps, or on your back or by your neck if it’s sore. He may even lay by your feet if you’ve walked a lot.

Cats perceive human beings’ energy

There’s no doubt that cats are very sensitive animals, much more so than any other pet. If you have a visitor and your cat starts to arch his back, miaow a lot, or maybe even run away, this person might not have ‘good vibrations,’ just like the song says.

A cat lying on someone's lap.

That doesn’t mean that this person is bad or dangerous; it simply means the cat senses bad energy surrounding him. Remember, one of his ‘tasks’ is to absorb negative energy. But, if there’s too much bad energy, the cat will avoid the person so he won’t get sick. 

You may also notice, on occasions, that your cat is more affectionate than usual when you get home. He may rub his back against your legs or want to be petted. Your cat’s personality has a lot to do with this, or maybe he just really missed you while you were gone for so long. However, there’s also the theory that he’s ‘cleaning’ you of any negative energy that you’ve brought in from the street.

Petting your cat

Lastly, have you ever thought about why you feel better after petting your cat for a few minutes? You might feel less stressed and more energized to finish your daily tasks. That’s because petting your cat helps you increase your connection with your cat. It also helps you let go of any bad vibrations that you acquired at work, in a meeting, or while driving or interacting with other people.

It’s clear that cats have greater sensitivity than that of humans. So, it’s possible that they can pick up on the vibrations and energy that we can’t. You have an amazing spiritual guardian at home!

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