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The Australian Mist, a Sociable and Meowing Cat

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It’s a loving feline that adapts very well to both large and small places. It gets along very well with children, but it demands great attention from its keeper due to its affectionate character.
The Australian Mist, a Sociable and Meowing Cat
Last update: 01 February, 2021

Friendly, playful and always ready to meow. This is how we can describe the Australian Mist, a cat that resulted from the crossing of several breeds in search of a sociable, friendly and affectionate animal, and with a particular coat. Next, we’ll tell you more details about the beautiful Australian Mist.

From the ’70s and Australian

As its name indicates, the breed has its origin in Australia. In the mid-70s, its creator, Truda Straede, crossed the following cat breeds:

Thus, a cat with a pale background coat that gives it a foggy appearance, was born.

At first it was called Spotted Mist. But, in 1998, the current name was adopted because, as the breed developed, more patterns appeared.

At present, the Australian Mist is in the process of being recognized in the main cat associations. And it’s gaining popularity, little by little, outside of Oceania.

Meet the Australian Mist, an affectionate, adaptable and meowing cat, with a misty touch in its short hair.

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Physical traits of the breed

The kittens of this domestic cat are generally robust, but, as they grow, they acquire the build of a normal cat. Other physical traits of this adorable kitty are:

  • Size: medium
  • Weight: between 3 and 6 kg (7 to 13 lb) in males, and between 2 and 5 kg (4 to 11 lb) in females
  • Body: muscular and strong
  • Hair: short, shiny and silky
  • Head: rounded, medium size, with a firm chin
  • Eyes: expressive, large, slightly rounded and in different shades of green
  • Nose: wide but long
  • Ears: medium size, with wide base and rounded tips
  • Legs: medium length, muscular and strong, with oval claws
  • Tail: long and tapering towards the tip

Colors and patterns of the Australian Mist

Moreover, this breed of very “talkative” cats boasts several colors:

  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Chocolate
  • Lilac
  • Caramel
  • Golden
  • Peach

Patterns can be mottled or marbled. In addition, the face, legs, and tail have stripes typical of the tabby pattern.

A cat that adapts to the circumstances

The Australian Mist is an ideal kitty for living with young children. In addition to its good character, it presents little aggression and is very tolerant to handling.

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Another positive aspect that we must highlight is that this cat has no problem in adapting to different environments, from a large house to a small apartment.

Active, outgoing, affectionate, and very sweet, it enjoys the company of human family members. It lives peacefully with other pets, especially if it’s neutered.

However, it doesn’t like to spend too much time alone and assiduously seeks to play with its keeper. So, this is an aspect to take into account if you decide to have a pet of this breed.

Australian Mist: healthy and very clean

This beautiful cat breed has a life expectancy of 15 to 18 years. Even if they can develop some urinary tract and eye problems, they usually have good health.

Anyway, a periodic visit to the vet is necessary to check that everything is going well, and to comply with the vaccination and deworming schedule. Also, make sure you’re feeding it correctly according to its age and lifestyle.

On the other hand, the Australian Mist doesn’t need very specific care. As a good kitty, it’s very clean. Also, it loses little hair, so occasional brushing is enough to keep its coat impeccable.

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