The Wild-looking Serengeti Cat

This is a feline that, despite its wild appearance, has an affable nature, is communicative, and gets along very well with other pets and children. And, on top of all that, it's tireless when playing.
The Wild-looking Serengeti Cat

Last update: 08 January, 2021

Can you imagine a cat that looks wild but is as cuddly and friendly as the most adorable domestic cat? Well, it already exists. We’re talking about the Serengeti cat, an animal that dazzles with its wild beauty and its calm and playful personality.

A recent hybrid breed

Born from the cross between a Bengali and a short-haired Oriental, the Serengeti cat is a hybrid breed that emerged in the final decade of the last century.

The breeder, Karen Sausman, was looking for an animal that had the wild appearance of a serval and, at the same time, behaved like the most peaceful of house cats.

Thus was born, in California, a feline that transports us to the wild, and this is due to its Bengali side. Let’s bear in mind that this beautiful cat, which reminds us of a small leopard, is the result of crossing breeds of domestic cats with Asian leopard cats.

Do you like wild cats but, at the same time, you’re attracted by the playful and affectionate character of domestic kittens? Then the Serengeti cat may be your ideal pet.

A Serengeti cat with an attentive look on its face.

Refined and wild

Beautiful and elegant, thanks to its oriental blood, the Serengeti cat stands out for its brindle appearance, inherited from its Bengali blood. It also has the following physical characteristics:

  • Size: Medium.
  • Coat: Short, thick, soft, and fine-textured.
  • Color: The coat may have black, dark brown, hazelnut, or silver spots. The tones are lighter on the abdomen, chin, and the front of the muzzle.
  • Weight: Between 10 and 15.5 pounds in males; and between 5 and 12 pounds in females.
  • Body: Elongated, muscular, and strong.
  • Legs: Long and strong, well-equipped for jumping.
  • Head: Small in relation to the body, elongated, and triangular. On its forehead, it has a dark mark that looks like a beetle.
  • Neck: Long and thick.
  • Ears: Large (much more than those of any common cat), long, upright, and with rounded tips.
  • Eyes: Very large, round, and green, amber, or yellow in color. This cat’s stare is intense and deep.
  • Nose: Wide and straight.
  • Tail: Medium length; thick at the base and tapering slightly towards the tip.

A pet that loves to play and climb

Because of its beauty and presence, the Serengeti cat has earned its place in cat shows around the world. However, it’s also an ideal cat to have at home.

It enjoys human company, even if they’re perfect strangers. Affable and communicative, it knows how to grab its owner’s attention.

The Serengeti cat gets along very well with children and other pets. What’s more, it’s tireless when playing, for example, when going after a ball, as if it were a dog.

A serengueti kitten looking playful.

hunter’s instinctit’s a good idea to have a garden or patio where they can run and climb

The Serengeti cat’s easy to take care of

This is a healthy animal, which doesn’t need any more attention than any other domestic cat. It has a life expectancy of about 15 years.

However, regular visits to the vet are necessary to control its health. What’s more, it’s important to stay up to date with vaccines and deworming.

Furthermore, don’t forget that every cat’s food should be good quality and be suitable for its characteristics (age, weight, physical activity, etc.).

At the same time, brushing its coat once or twice a week will be enough to make the Serengeti look like a beauty contest winner, even if it prefers the comfort of your home.

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