Dog Breeds that Are Compatible with Labradors

December 9, 2019
In this very interesting article, discover the dog breeds that are compatible with Labradors. Read on to learn more about them!

Labradors are one of the most popular breeds in the world due to their kindness and tenderness. Moreover, they get along very well with other pets. However, certain dog breeds are compatible with Labradors and will make your dog’s life a lot happier. Do you want to know which ones they are? Find out in this article.

Dog breeds that are compatible with Labradors

If you have a Labrador Retriever at home and want to adopt a new pet to keep it company, the good news is that this breed adapts to any other. However, some are more recommended than others due to their temperament.

Of course, it all depends on the socialization they have and how they get along, but the truth is that Labradors aren’t overly territorial, aggressive, or sensitive to other animals. Therefore, it’s the perfect “brother” to other pets.

Beagle puppies sleeping.

These are the dog breeds that are compatible with Labradors:

1. Golden Retriever

This dog breed is its closest relatives, which is probably the reason why they get along so well. They both have a very friendly temperament. They’re loving, kind, and playful. In addition, they love the water and family life. If you’re looking for company 24/7 and unconditional love, don’t hesitate to have a Labrador and a Golden Retriever at home. You should keep in mind that these dogs need a lot of space to walk and a lot of food. They love to eat!

These two Retrievers are very sociable, have an excellent temperament, are great with children (the best babysitters out there), and have a great time playing. These dogs are both very easy to train and you can also take them out for afternoon walks together. You’ll be the envy of your entire neighborhood!

2. Beagle

This breed gets along quite well with any dog, as long as it’s also energetic like them. If you decide to have a Beagle and a Labrador, we recommend making sure they’re of different sexes (and sterilized to prevent unwanted litters).

Although they’re not the same size and a Labrador may knock a Beagle down when they play, the truth is that Beagles have a lot of energy and are quite active. Therefore, they can be perfect companions. A negative side of both breeds is that they don’t like being alone. Thus, you should keep in mind that if you’re out of the house for many hours… you may find destroyed objects or furniture when you come home.

A Boxer running.

3. Boxer

This is one of the dog breeds compatible with Labradors because they both have the same amount of energy. Although you may believe it has a strong temperament, the Boxer is one of the most loving pets out there. They’ll fight amongst themselves to cuddle with you the most! Get ready for an avalanche of kisses and jumps when you get home!

As for the Boxer’s characteristics, you should know that it’s a friendly, athletic, strong, brave, and curious dog. And although this dog likes being in the company of family, it’s also a good guardian (a skill that isn’t as developed in Labradors).

You can have both dogs in a house with a garden. However, you’ll need to walk them at least once a day. Since both are of similar size, they’ll be able to play without any problem. The Boxer is likely to become the dominant one or leader.

5. Boston Terrier

This is one of the breeds that’s compatible with Labradors because it’s very energetic. The Boston Terrier is medium in size (smaller than the Retriever) and is usually quite hyperactive. Therefore, they’ll get along great, especially if they’re of similar age. This dog adapts very well to life in an apartment or house, loves being surrounded by family, and may even placate some of the Labrador’s vitality.

The two will become inseparable companions and build friendships with the children of the house. These dogs won’t think twice about lying on the couch for a nap or laying at your feet while you watch TV in the lounge.