All About the Auvergne Pointer Dog Breed

The Auvergne pointer makes for a skilled hunting dog as well as a caring and affectionate pet. Find out more about this breed in today's article.
All About the Auvergne Pointer Dog Breed

Last update: 16 March, 2020

The Auvergne pointer, also known as the Braque d’Auvergne, is a breed whose origin is in France. More specifically, they come from the historic region of Auvergne, of the center of the country.

Origin and background

The Auvergne pointer is a show dog of French origin, from the region of Cantal. This breed is over 200 years old and descends from the common strain of pointers. These pointers were chosen for hunters and by hunters, which is why they have such a strong identity.

The physical characteristics of the Auvergne pointer

The Auvergne pointer has a robust and well-proportioned appearance with a harmonious and elegant gait that is typical in show dogs.

The length and height of these dogs are similar, which gives them a slender and rectilinear appearance.  At their withers, males measure between 22 and 25 inches in height. At the same time, females measure between 21 and 23 inches.

The head of the Auvergne pointer has a long snout, almost as long as the rest of the cranium. What’s more, they have long ears and sagging lips.

As for their fur, it is short and shiny. The coloring of their coat is characterized by a while later speckled with bluish-black spots.

The nature of the Auvergne pointer

In general, this is a gentle, docile, and affectionate breed. What’s more, these pointers are very intelligent.

Of the four groups of canines that Richard and Alice Fiennes pointed out in The Natural History of Dogs, the Auvergne pointer has inherited many of the characteristics of hounds.

Members of this group have a reputation for being great hunters thanks to their sight and speed. This makes them very valuable among hunting dogs. However, it also exposes them to the great danger of abandonment if they aren’t capable of hunting.

Despite their ties with the world of hunting, these pointers are animals that adapt very well to family life, as they are homely and peaceful. In fact, they get along very well with children, especially when they’re raised side by side.

The care and health of Auvergne pointers

When it comes to the health and care of these animals, we need to remember that they’re large dogs. And just like any large dog breed, there’s a considerable risk of suffering gastric torsion and other joint problems. However, it’s worth pointing out that the risk is no higher than it is with their other large counterparts.

What’s more, those who wish to have an Auvergne pointer as a pet or as a hunting dog needs to remember that they need plenty of exercise. What’s more, they also need to be in contact with nature. Both factors are important when it comes to the effective development of their excellent visual and olfactory skills.

Images courtesy of: Mrsthurlow and Pleple2000

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