The 11 Most Affectionate Dog Breeds

If you´ve ever wondered which are the most affectionate dog breeds, here we´ll tell you about them so that you can choose the most suitable one for your lifestyle.
The 11 Most Affectionate Dog Breeds

Last update: 31 August, 2021

Many families take into account a dog’s personality before welcoming one into their home for various reasons: experience, children, lifestyle habits, etc. Because of this, we’re sure you’ll be interested in finding out about the most affectionate dog breeds. Don’t miss it!

Although each canine has its own personality regardless of their breed, we can’t deny that the breed has a certain influence on behavior due to selective crossing. If you want to get to know the dogs that stand out for their ability to show affection, then keep reading!

The 11 most affectionate dog breeds

If you’re lucky enough to meet a loving and personable dog, you’ll certainly have a very good foundation for their future training. Some of the most affectionate dog breeds can give you unforgettable family moments, and so, if you decide to adopt one of them, you can certainly make the most of their company.

1. Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever is undoubtedly one of the most popular breeds due to its character. It’s an easy dog to train, because of the ease it has in understanding humans. It also shows a very good response to positive reinforcement. So much so that it’s also used as a therapy dog and is a favorite in homes with children.

One of the most loving dogs in the world.

2. English bulldog

The English bulldog usually wins us over with its calm, affectionate character, as it rarely misses a chance to show its affection. It tends to fit in with people with a slow pace of walking, as it isn’t very fond of exercise. Good socialization is also necessary to avoid overprotective behavior in this animal.

Most affectionate dog breeds.

3. Bobtail

This dog’s energy and the strong ties it establishes with its family make the bobtail one of the most affectionate dog breeds with humans, especially with children. This animal was initially selected to be a sheepdog, and so its training must be focused on avoiding overprotection and separation anxiety.

One of the most loving dogs in the world.

4. Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is beautiful and friendly in equal measure. It’s surely one of the most affectionate, patient, and pleasant dogs ever. Like the Labrador, its character makes it perfect for therapy, houses with children, and anyone who wants energetic walks and a lot of love in their life.

Do you know the differences between labrador and golden retriever?

5. German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is one of the most popular breeds in households, as it has a great capacity for learning and its loyalty is unquestionable. Like other sheepdogs, it’ll need special training so as not to fall into territoriality and overprotection.

German Shepherds are often seen working as police or rescue dogs because of how disciplined they are and their temperate character.

A Belgian shepherd running.

6. The Pug

The pug is an enthusiastic, faithful, friendly, and very affectionate dog. Although it’s usually chosen for its appearance, it’s an animal that creates a special bond with its owners and accompanies them everywhere. Unfortunately, their health is often a bit precarious, and so you must devise a life plan adapted to their needs.

The pug is a brachycephalic dog. Having a flattened face, they’re prone to long-term respiratory problems.

Pugs are an example of inbreeding in pets.

7. Yorkshire Terrier

The popularity of the Yorkshire Terrier comes from the great versatility of its character, because, with proper socialization, it can fit into any type of family. It loves spending time with its owners and can be a bit fickle, but it’s clearly one of the most affectionate dog breeds.

One of the most loving dogs.

8. Dalmatian

The Dalmatian carries a high status symbolism associated with its elegant appearance. Beyond that, it’s a dog that greatly enjoys attention and has great energy. It’s very suitable for active people or those who practice sports.

A Dalmatian staring at the camera.

9. Boxer

The boxer is known as “the eternal puppy”, because it never loses the desire to play, no matter how old it is. Although its appearance doesn’t reflect it, it’s a restless, fun, and energetic dog. You need long walks and lots of entertainment so that it doesn’t accumulate too much energy.

Boxer care is very specific.

10. Dachshunds

Although somewhat stubborn, dachshunds enjoy playing games and learning new tricks. They’re very affectionate dogs that demand a lot of physical contact with their owners, which is why they’re also considered suitable for families with young children.

One of the most loving dogs in the world.

11. Great Dane

Also known as “German Bulldog” or “German Alano”, the Great Dane is an imposing dog due to its large size, but it’s also sweet and affectionate. It loves to play and is very tolerant of children, although its games should be supervised because its weight can cause unintentional accidents. It doesn’t usually have a problem with strangers, but it is sometimes a bit overprotective.

One of the most loving dogs.

The most affectionate true dog breeds

Although genetics have something to say in dog behavior, it’s unfair to determine a priori which specimen is more sympathetic because of its breed. In addition, shelters are full of dogs in need of a good life and their love and affection doesn’t depend on their breed.

On the other hand, some breeds (such as the pug or the bulldog) have undergone modifications through crossing to cater to aesthetic fashions that have, in the end, affected their health. Although it isn’t 100% guaranteed, a mongrel dog will often have better health than one that has been bred to be more beautiful in the eyes of humans.

What is certain is that you should choose a dog whose character and needs fit you and your lifestyle, regardless of its appearance or genetic proclivity. This will be the best way to guarantee a full life for the dog and many years of great times for both of you.

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