The 12 Ugliest Dog Breeds (According to Some!)

Everyone thinks their own dog is beautiful, but we've compiled a list of the so-called ugliest breeds from a general point of view. Remember though, that, like everything else in life, looks and beauty are subjective values.
The 12 Ugliest Dog Breeds (According to Some!)

Last update: 08 February, 2022

As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We’ve chosen some of the so-called ugliest dog breeds for you to enjoy today. Not because we think they’re ugly, but to highlight that, even though some people may consider them to be ugly, we shouldn’t judge these dogs by their looks.

The so-called ugliest dog breeds need just as much love as the ones that match many people’s idea of “dog beauty”. Unfortunately, these are the ones that are normally adopted first,  as beauty plays a big part in the choice.

However, as these dogs often don’t get much attention, we’ve decided to devote an article to them, so that you can see how beautiful they really are, and that beauty is such a subjective opinion. Any of these dogs will give you unconditional love, so don’t hesitate to welcome one of the following list into your home if given the opportunity.

The 12 ugliest dog breeds

Your opinion on the “ugliness” of these dogs may differ from what you find here. What some people find hideous, others adore. So, here is a ranking of the so-called ugliest dog breeds always from a general perception and imposed standards. Tell us what you think!

1. Chinese Crested dog

The selective absence of hair, coupled with its sharp face and slender body, make the Chinese Crested one of the dogs that many consider to be one of the ugliest. The amount of hair increases or decreases depending on the variety, and so there are specimens that do have a full coat and are a little more harmonious from an aesthetic point of view.

Una de las razas mini toy.

2. Chihuahua

This is a controversial one for our list, as many people won’t agree with this perception. However, their eyes of disproportionate size, coupled with their tremors and their tendency to be overprotective with their owners, don’t make them attractive dogs to many people. However, many others think they’re absolutely adorable!

Ugliest dog breeds.

3. Bergamasco

This dog from the Italian Alps is an amalgam of moving hair. Many people think they’re ugly precisely because of this characteristic and because of how difficult it is to keep their coats from becoming a set of impossible-to-comb dreadlocks. Although its general appearance tends to be dirty, with proper care it can be as neat as any other dog.

A Bergamasco.

4. Xoloitzcuintle

This breed has almost no hair and is native to Mexico. Despite being well built and muscular, many people say that they dislike its lanky and hairless appearance. However, others find it to have a beautiful and harmonious appearance

Una de las razas de perros más feas del mundo.

5. Bull terrier

Despite being a breed very sought after by some sectors of the population, the bull terrier is considered ugly by some people because of its pyramid-shaped muzzle and tiny eyes compared to the rest of the skull. Others point out that its head is disproportionate to the body, which gives the animal some anatomical decompensation.

A bull terrier.

6. Borzoi

This breed of dog descends from the Arabian greyhound and was bred to hunt wolves and hares. This artificial selection is responsible for its slender, tall appearance and its silky, long hair. Seen from the front this dog has a strange appearance, narrow but graceful. Not everyone considers them to be ugly, although it’s true that their frayed coat contrasts somewhat with their slender body.

The borzoi.

7. Bedlington terrier

This dog has a rounded body shape all over, from head to back. Some people consider it beautiful and even trim its long hair to accentuate its roundness, whereas others find it rather ugly. Whatever the case, its typical hairstyle certainly gets attention (for better or for worse)!

A Bedlington terrier.

8. The Pug

This is perhaps one of the breeds that creates the most debate about whether it’s beautiful or ugly! On the one hand, there’s a demand for increasingly flat and compact pugs (with the health problems that this entails). However, on the other hand, they’re considered to be animals with an unnaturally-shaped head.

This is a brachycephalic dog, which means that it has a compact face that is pushed inwards somewhat. It usually suffers from respiratory problems as a result of this.

A pug.

9. Pekingese

The Pekingese enters our list of the ugliest dog breeds due to its combination of long hair and a flat muzzle. For many, its eyes are too far apart and some people feel it always has an angry expression.

A panting dog.

10. Shar Pei

This is another one of the most loved and despised breeds at the same time. Unless you like dogs with folds in their skin, you probably won’t think it’s cute. Moreover, this feature is the main source of its health problems and requires the most attention as regards hygiene and care.

A shar pei.

11. Neapolitan Mastiff

For many, this huge dog looks like its face is melting! The skin on his muzzle, as well as his eyelids, hangs down several inches from its jaw. This leads to certain health problems, such as ectropion and different types of infections.

A Neapolitan mastiff.

12. Affenpinscher

For those who like short-haired dogs, the Affenpinscher is a bad choice. The most noticeable thing about its overall appearance is the long hair that covers its flat face, which makes it look like a small lion with thin legs!

Una de las razas de perro más feas del mundo.

Ugly dogs aren’t born, they’re made

If you think the dogs on this list are ugly, remember how far they are from the appearance of their ancestors. Most of these breeds have been obtained while looking for a specific aesthetic through selected crosses, always due to the demand of those who saw the animals as decoration or as work tools.

The biggest problem with these dogs isn’t their appearance, but rather the congenital diseases that these create. Pugs and other brachycephalic breeds are a living example of this, as they have a much higher than average tendency to suffer from respiratory problems.

A pug with a vet.

Is your dog on this list? Don’t be offended! It’s easy for others to judge just from a photo! Here at My Animals, we think they’re all beautiful and we’re sure you do too, and rightfully so! At the end of the day, we all know that beauty is not in the looks, but in their expression, affection, and the wonderful times that they can share with us!

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