Your Dog Can now Eat from a Dog Food Vending Machine!

As you look at the food that you got out of a vending machine, you wonder why there isn't a similar dog food dispensing machine. 
Your Dog Can now Eat from a Dog Food Vending Machine!

Last update: 16 April, 2019

You’re on your way back home, later than you thought, knowing that you should have fed your pet a few hours ago. You’re finally home and…oh no! There’s not enough food left in the bag. Not even for a meager portion. As you look at the chocolate sitting on your table that you got out of a vending machine, you wonder why there isn’t a similar dog food vending machine.

Well, dream no more, the Wag-A-Matic dog food vending machine is here. Well, not exactly here, but inside The Dog House Drinkery in Williamson County, Texas. This place has a dog park and it serves drinks and food to both dogs and humans.

Things move fast and everything modernizes. There was a time when the only place to buy dog food was a grocery store. Now, there are barcode reading machines in most supermarkets.

Also, who can forget that there used to be a person who would fill your car’s gas tank and then charge you for it? Thanks to technology, you can now do most things on your own.

Back to vending machines, these are now slowly appearing in several places around the world. Soon you won’t have to rely on grocery stores. At the very least you won’t have to wait until the next day to feed your furry pal.

Dog food vending machines around the world


A dog eating from a food dispensing machine.

In the town of Bueu in Pontevedra, Spain, there’s a pet food vending machine in one of the existing pet shops in the city. They placed it just outside their window and so it’s available 24 hours. This way, people can just go there and help themselves at any time of the day and night.

This vending machine not only distributes food, but also toys, medicine, leads and many other pet-related products. (You never know when your dog’s going to ask for a new ball …)

In addition, don’t think for a minute that the products come in mini sizes (because it’s a vending machine). Everything seems well-planned. This novel pet food vending machine has, in fact, enough room to keep products in several different sizes. It even has 8 lb bags of food.


A dog eating from a food dispensing machine.

In Turkey, a company called Pugedon places dog and cat food vending machines but with a kick. You exchange food for plastic bottles. (There are volunteers responsible for making sure there’s food in the machines.) This way, people are encouraged to recycle their plastic bottles. Then, as a result, the profits from their sale will go towards feeding stray dogs.

While in some countries the authorities try to find ways to get rid of stray animals, in others like Turkey they try to keep them from starving and dehydrating.

In fact, there are approximately 150,000 abandoned cats and dogs currently in the streets of Istanbul and every single one of them has access to food and water every day.

Dog food machine: recycling and feeding

Not only does it help boost recycling but it also feeds stray dogs. When you deposit a water bottle into one of the Pugedon machines, it immediately dispenses dog food for the strays to come by and eat. There is also a water bowl you can fill up with any water left in the bottle.

The vending machines in Turkey have a special deposit for the water and it goes directly to a tank destined for the street animals. Then, you can deposit the empty bottle into another hole and it’ll be collected by the company to raise funds and continue to feed those animals who need it the most.

What a wonderful concept: feed the abandoned animals, recycle plastic bottles and keep the streets clean. Hopefully, both vending and dispensing pet food machines will be available in your town soon.

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