The Most Popular Dog Breeds - Characteristics

How would you like to know what the most popular dog breeds are? Continue reading to find out.
The Most Popular Dog Breeds - Characteristics

Last update: 19 October, 2019

If you’re thinking about adopting a dog then perhaps you’d like to know what the most popular dog breeds are, in order to make an educated decision. There’s a reason why people gravitate towards these animals and it’s mainly because they’re easy to obtain and their health is generally good, meaning the vet bills won’t drain your pockets.

Believe it or not, there are approximately 500 dog breeds in the world. However, the vast majority of them are only known within their local places of origin. Some dogs are ideal for company, others make great shepherds, and then there are also those trained for sledding and search and rescue. Here are the most popular dog breeds:

A Golden Retriever.

When you see an image of a stereotypical perfect family, there’s a dad, a mom, a son, a daughter, and a Labrador retriever in a beautiful house with a white picket garden. This breed has been popular since the 90s as marketers chose it as the perfect family dog due to their sweet nature. In general, they’re kind, affectionate, intelligent and patient animals, especially with children.

A Labrador Retriever will always want to play and lick your face. This is a water-loving breed so you’ll be amused at how they’ll jump into any water they come across. You must mind their diet because they have a propensity to become obese; their gluttony is well-known.

The Golden Retriever, a distant cousin, is up there with them in terms of popularity. These dogs have the most beautiful long, golden fur.

2. German shepherds

The origins of this Saxon breed dates back to the times when most people worked outdoors on farms. It slowly became a companion animal and today it’s one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. German Shepherds are extremely intelligent and are easy to train, even though they’re quite stubborn at times.

This kind of dog needs a strong guardian who will be their “alpha dog” and mentor. Proper training is a must, and you must start at a young age. The German Shepherd is very protective and will attack if they think their loved ones are in danger. And you know how overly protective and paranoid dogs can be at times, and, for this reason, it’s very important to give them opportunities to develop their socializing skills.

3. Beagles

This dog became very popular in recent times due to the popularity of Snoopy in Charles M. Schulz’s cartoon, Peanuts. Beagles are originally from Great Britain, but very common in the US. For many centuries people used them for hunting rabbits and birds.

In addition to them being popular companion pets, the police also train them to detect drugs and explosives. This canine is highly tolerant of other dogs and also calm-natured, affectionate, and playful.

4. Yorkshire Terrier

This one belongs to the group of smaller dogs and is among the most popular breeds. They were originally bred for hunting rodents and vermin.

The Yorkshire Terrier is highly energetic and is quite ferocious despite its size. Even though they’re somewhat territorial, they get along well with other people and pets. They’re rather affectionate with their owners, but distrustful of strangers. If you don’t train them properly as puppies, they’ll become stressed and anxious.

5. Boxer

A boxer lying on the grass.

Boxers are playful and friendly animals. They make great nannies because they’re very tolerant and patient with children. While many people believe they’re dangerous, it all depends on the training they receive. Like every dog, they could be dangerous to aggressive or loud strangers. They love to jump on people, and get along great with other pets.

Did you know that besides being one of the most popular dog breeds, this dog is also on the “top 3” smartest breeds? Only Border Collies and German Shepherds beat them on that list.

This is a very talented and skilled animal who’s an excellent worker and highly obedient. Originally, they were medium-sized animals, but then humans bred them to reduce their height. Keep in mind that you will have to invest a lot of money in the “beauty parlor” to keep their hair from tangling and in good condition.

Other popular dog breeds are the Dachshund (wiener dog), Shih Tzu and Pug (this last one also goes by the name of Carlino).

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