Unique Dog Breeds that You've Probably Never Seen

Everyone knows the common dog breeds because we see them a lot. Today, we're going to show you some unique dog breeds you've probably never seen.
Unique Dog Breeds that You've Probably Never Seen

Last update: 04 April, 2019

Dog breeds, by definition, are a group of dogs that are related to one another and that have common characteristics. These characteristics are in regards to their physical features as well as their behavior. In today’s article, we’re going to show you some unique dog breeds that you’ve possibly never seen before.

Dog breeds are subdivided into two large groups: purebred or mixed breed. Purebred dogs are those that fulfill specific physical characteristics, guaranteed by its pedigree.

This pedigree is a document that contains the animal’s family tree; it shows who their parents are, their grandparents and several more generations back.

Unique dog breeds

These are some unique dog breeds.

The International Cynological Federation states that there are 344 existing dog breeds. However, others believe that there are actually 400 breeds around the world.

Italian Greyhound

Greyhounds are known for their large size; their legs are built to run and they have an agile and thin appearance. However, there are also miniature greyhounds. This breed, known as the Italian greyhound, is the smallest greyhound in the world. They are temperamental, sociable and very naughty!

These dogs weigh less than 11 pounds, and can be black, gray, red, or chocolate.


This is a small dog that originally came from France. The name ‘papillon’ means “butterfly” in French. They get this name because of the shape of their ears, which resemble a flying butterfly.


Here’s another of our unique dog breeds – the Pomeranian. This tiny dog looks like a small bear and is classified within the family of the spitz, but is smaller. This makes it an ideal dog to take everywhere with you.

Its name comes from the German region of Pomerania. It has very long hair and is very proud-looking.

Even though it’s a small dog, it’s actually quite strong. It just needs a bit of food and a daily walk, but not too much exercise.

Pomeranians are great for all kinds of people, from elderly people to families. They’re also great for people who live alone in small apartments and cities.

Pomeranians tend to create a very strong bond with their owners and they become very attached to them. Some of them are rather territorial, and they can help alert their owners to the presence of strangers.

Chinese crested dog

The Chinese crested dog is a unique-looking dog breed, and its origin is a bit mysterious. However, we have to highlight its vivacious and cheerful character; it can make anyone smile!

Although it doesn’t have much hair, it’s not entirely bald; there’s just a part of its body that doesn’t have any hair. Other parts, like its head, ears and tail, are covered with hair.

The name Chinese crested comes from the pattern of its hair. It has long strands of fine hair that hang down the back of its neck and the top of its back, and this looks like a ‘crest.’

This dog breed makes nervous movements, kind of like those of a poodle: jumping, graceful and flirtatious.

This animal’s character is sociable, friendly and very loving. Having said that, it does tend to bark a lot when it sees a stranger or when it hears strange noises. The Chinese crested dog can also learn new tricks with ease as it’s a very intelligent dog that enjoys learning new things.


This small race is also originally from China. They are millennial dogs that are very small, but with a great personality. Although they like to spend hours just laying around, they can also be very alert and willing to play a lot, especially when they’re puppies.

Although they’re small animals, they have big personalities, especially in relation to their small size. They prefer temperate climates and, because of their characteristics, they’re happiest in small spaces.

They are also said to snore when they sleep!

Spanish water dog

This is a Spanish water dog.

From their name, you’d think that these dogs originate from Spain, but they’re actually an ancient breed. They were recognized as such in 1999.

When learning about this dog, it’s important to know that it’s a shepherd dog. Because of this, it’s very intelligent, obedient and has a great work capacity. 

It’s very hard-working, loyal, obedient, brave, and is a well-balanced animal.

We hope you’ve enjoyed all the unique dog breeds that we’ve brought you today!

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