51 Harry Potter Pet Names

Are you a Harry Potter fan? Then you mustn't miss any of these names for your new pet!
51 Harry Potter Pet Names

Last update: 24 March, 2022

Who wouldn’t want to name their pet after a Harry Potter character? Whether you like fantasy novels or not, there’s no denying that this is a timeless work, and full of great characters and teaching for all ages. So, if you’ve just adopted a pet, here are some Harry Potter pet names that will do them justice. Have a browse through them as the names are a perfect fit for every type of character or personality. Let’s get started.

Harry Potter pet names

Harry Potter pet names.

As good Potterheads, we’re going to divide the names according to the Hogwarts houses. If you aren’t a great connoisseur of the novels, it doesn’t matter, you’ll like our selection of names just the same.

Gryffindor house names

The home of the brave and those who break the rules to enforce justice. This house is the home of the 3 main characters in the series, as well as many more important figures. They’re characters that never give up and they face all the challenges that come their way without wavering.

Does this description sum up your pet? In that case, here are some suggested names for them:

  1. Harry
  2. Hermione
  3. Ron
  4. Minerva: the head of studies, McGonagall
  5. Fred
  6. George
  7. Ginny
  8. Neville
  9. Albus: the headmaster of the school and an iconic character
  10. Godric: the founder of the house

Slytherin names

Successful, determined, and willing to do anything to achieve their ends. Despite having a reputation for being sibylline and manipulative, the truth is that many of them do have scruples and even end up redeeming themselves for their evil deeds in the novel. For that reason, surely one of these names will be perfect for your pet:

  1. Draco: Harry’s enemy, victim of his father’s tyranny
  2. Bellatrix
  3. Tom: I’m sure you know who Tom Riddle becomes when he becomes an adult – if you don’t then click here.
  4. Salazar: The name of the founder of the house
  5. Merlin
  6. Severus: Snape, the potions professor, as hated as he is loved
  7. Rita
  8. Baron: the ghost of the house
  9. Lucius
  10. Astoria (telling you who this woman is is a spoiler, so you’ll have to read the books)

Ravenclaw names

“Boundless intelligence is man’s greatest treasure.” That’s the motto of the members of this house, hence the animal that represents them is a raven. Did you just adopt a rat or a pig? These names will suit them perfectly, as their intelligence and mental agility know no bounds.

Here are the most iconic characters for you to honor by naming your pet after them:

  1. Rowena: the founder of the house and possessor of the tiara that increased the intelligence of the wearer.
  2. Helena
  3. Luna: the wonderful and divergent Lovegood, always optimistic and creative
  4. Ollivander
  5. Filius
  6. Sybil
  7. Padma
  8. Terry
  9. Marietta
  10. Gilderoy: Lockhart, the professor who played with the minds of the whole community

Huffelpuff names

Last, but not least, is the house of the badger. Even though some think this is the least relevant house, it actually boasts some important characters with great names. Like many loyal, hardworking, and humble people, they’re often given less consideration than the rest.

So, to honor these characters, why not choose one of these names from the Harry Potter novels for your pet?

  1. Pomona: head of the house and herbology teacher
  2. Helga: the founder of the house, loyal, hardworking, and a great cook
  3. Sylvanus
  4. Cedric: the famous member and brilliant student who represented Huffelpuff in the Triwizard Tournament
  5. Hannah
  6. Susan
  7. Nimphadora (or Tonks): a wonderful character, a shapeshifter and, who would deny it, super cool at the same time
  8. Zacharias
  9. Justin
  10. Ernie

Other Harry Potter pet names

A white dog.

If you’re a fan of this saga, then you’ll surely know that we’ve missed out other character names that are well worth remembering. Fear not, for we have a special section for them, characters that have made us laugh and cry and who have taught us to appreciate the good things in life. Here they are:

  1. Hagrid: The name of the most iconic half-giant of the series couldn’t be missing from our list. His love for the most misunderstood creatures is very significant for any animal lover.
  2. Hedwig: A faithful companion that would be a great name for a bird.
  3. Norbert: The dragon that Hagrid helped to raise before he was released.
  4. Sirius: Harry’s godfather, unjustly imprisoned.
  5. Remus: Lupin, the best Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher to ever walk Hogwarts.
  6. Fenrir: The werewolf, an iconic villain in this saga.
  7. Fleur: Beautiful and half veela, she learned to be authentic and not to consider physical beauty as being too important.
  8. Nagini: The snake that accompanies Voldemort everywhere – a part of his soul.
  9. Buckbeak: The name of the griffin they wanted to sacrifice for hurting Draco Malfoy (after he annoyed him, of course).
  10. Dobby: The symbol of life after slavery, loved by all.
  11. Crookshanks: Hermione’s cat. Half kneazle, he’s the smartest cat you could find.

Have you come up with a name for your pet yet? You’re sure to find one here among these Harry Potter pet names that will sum up your pet’s personality and character!

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