120 Greek Names for Male Dogs

Not sure what to name your new furry friend? Here we'll bring you some names of Greek gods and some prominent figures in mythology to inspire you when choosing it.
120 Greek Names for Male Dogs

Last update: 23 November, 2021

If you’re looking for a name for your male dog and can’t think of one, don’t worry, we’ve come to the rescue! Here’s a great selection of 120 Greek names for male dogs that you’re going to love!

We know that naming your dog isn’t an easy choice and that many owners like there to be a special meaning behind their dog’s name. If this is your case, read on, because you’re sure to find several names that will be perfect for your dog!

Why use Greek names for male dogs?

The first reason to use Greek names for male dogs is that they’re very original. It’s also a good idea because you’re likely to find several to suit your dog’s personality.

You’ll notice that most of the names we’ve brought you are short and easy on the ear (and tongue!), which will make it easier for your dog to learn it faster and respond to your orders with every call.

Last, but not least, when you call out your dog’s name in public, people are bound to take notice. People who know a bit about Greek history will love the name too!

15 names of Greek gods for dogs

We’ll start off with a more in-depth look at 15 Greek names for dogs, before giving you a list of the other 105. We’ll briefly tell you their meaning so you can see if they express your dog’s personality or looks in some way. Ready? Here we go!

Greek names for male dogs.

1. Chaos or Khaos

According to Greek mythology, chaos or khaos is the primitive state of existence, from which the first gods emerged. This term also means “void that occupies a hollow” and is said to designate the first god to appear, bringing an end to the existence of nothingness.

This is a neutral name that adapts to both males and females and breaks with the traditional concept of chaos.

2. Erebos

Greek oral tradition says that Chaos was divided into three gods: Gaia, Nicte (female) and Erebos, who personifies the darkness, which fills every nook and cranny. Other stories relate it to destiny. But, be that as it may, it’s a very beautiful name for those black dogs.

3. Cadmus

Cadmus is known as the legendary founder of Thebes. It’s a name that t hat’s related to obedience, because Cadmus always followed the instructions of different kings, oracles, gods and goddesses. For this reason, it’s an ideal name for calm dogs who obey orders well.

Among a variety of anecdotes, Cadmus is known for murdering one of Ares’ sons. Because of this, he lived for 8 years as his servant.

4. Ares

Ares, son of Zeus and Hera, is known as the god of war, so he also represents masculine virility. It’s not surprising, then, that throughout the mythological stories he’s associated with more than 30 lovers and 60 children.

It’s a good choice for dogs that are strong without being aggressive, and which enjoy confrontations with other dogs. The name Ares indicates presence and attitude.

5. Poseidon

Poseidon is one of the Greek gods that people most remember. He was the god of the seas, rivers and oceans and was also known as the “earth-shaker”. He was such an important god that in cities like Corinth and Magna Graecia he was the head of the polis.

6. Pegasus

Pegasus is the name of the mythological horse of Zeus, sired by Poseidon and given birth to by the Gorgon Medusa. Mythology says that when Perseus decapitated Medusa, beautiful white hair sprouted from his neck. In several stories he stands out because of how he helped several heroes during their conquests and battles.

This beautiful horse is always represented with a white, bright and almost celestial color. Because of this, it’s a popular name with white male dogs.

7. Zeus

Zeus was the god of heaven, order, justice and in control of the destiny of the universe. He was the son of Chronus and Rhea, two titans. He was also known as the king of lightning who controlled the storms that he punished humans with.

As the Titans ruled the world, Chronus ate all the children he had with Rhea to prevent them from taking away his kingdom.

Tired of the abuse, the Titan Rhea hid Zeus with the humans, and, when he grew up, his father’s fears became reality. Zeus gave Cronus a vomitive and made him regurgitate his siblings, hence starting a long battle between gods and Titans.

8. Cronus

Cronus was the Titan who belonged to the first generation of Titans and had several children with his sister Rhea. Fearing that one of them would take away his throne – as he did with his father – he ate each of his children, including Demeter, Hera, Hestia, Zeus and Poseidon. Cronus also means time in Greek, so it’s an ideal name for dogs whose affection is timeless.

9. Hephaestus

Hephaestus was the son of Zeus and Hera and was recognized as the god of craftsmanship, fire and metallurgy. When we say that he was the god of fire, we’re talking about creative fire, which he used to forge tools from metal.

Legend tells that he built the thunderbolts of Zeus, the arrows of Artemis and Apollo, and the chains worn by Achilles.

10. Hades

Hades is one of the most striking Greek names you can give your male dogs. He was the god of the dead, he controlled the underworld and lived there with Persephone. Although he is related in western cultures with the devil, his function in Greek mythology was to watch over the souls that go to what many call hell.

11. Apollo

Apollo was the god of musical protection and health. He was the son of Zeus and Leto, himself the daughter of a titan. The instrument most associated with him is the lyre. He was also known as the god of prophecies, as he sometimes used his knowledge of Zeus’ will to reveal to humans what would happen in the future.

He was also an excellent athlete and was said to be the first to win the Olympic games. Therefore, it’s an ideal name to give to sporting dog breeds.

12. Hermes

Hermes is also the son of Zeus and is characterized by being very eloquent and charismatic. He was known as the protector of thieves and the god of the borders. Undoubtedly, it’s an ideal name for sociable, charming dogs.

Mythology states that his greatest achievement was to negotiate the freedom of his sister Persephone with Hades. The price for this was to have to go down to the underworld itself.

13. Dionysus

He was one of the most beloved Greek mythological beings, as he was the god of wine and life. However, technically, he was actually a demigod, as Zeus sired him with a human named Semele. Dionysus is also the entity that personifies agriculture. This name applies to dogs that love to eat fruits, vegetables, and greens.

14. Eros

We all know that this is a very romantic, even erotic, name, but it could still be a good name for one of your male dogs. He was the god of love, amorous desire and fertility. He was represented with wings and he’s often known as Cupid.

15. Helios

Helios is the personification of the sun, son of the Titans Hyperon and Tea. He’s represented with a halo and the rays of the sun, aboard a chariot guided by horses from which he watched over the sky.

The 105 additional Greek names for male dogs

So, we’ve told you about some of the most recognized Greek gods and the types of male dogs that their names may be ideal for. Here’s a section which is simply a list of 105 other Greek names which may be a perfect fit for your furry friend!

  1. Notus
  2. Zelos
  3. Zephyr
  4. Atlas
  5. Kratos
  6. Sirius
  7. Argus
  8. Achilles
  9. Peleo
  10. Titan
  11. Scylla
  12. Sphinx
  13. Ajax
  14. Chiron
  15. Cerberus
  16. Cetus
  17. Orthrus
  18. Sirius
  19. Yale
  20. Atticus
  21. Ether
  22. Aeolus
  23. Aries
  24. Aquarius
  25. Aeneas
  26. Alastor
  27. Aristotle
  28. Agamemnon
  29. Baltazar
  30. Boreas
  31. Caerus
  32. Icarus
  33. Hero
  34. Homer
  35. Hector
  36. Priam
  37. Patroclus
  38. Eurus
  39. Galen
  40. Midas
  41. Oceanus
  42. Olympus
  43. Ulysses
  44. Notus
  45. Morpheus
  46. Orion
  47. Orpheus
  48. Orestes
  49. Perseus
  50. Plato
  51. Spiro
  52. Tantalus
  53. Theseus
  54. Tiresias
  55. Tartarus
  56. Triton
  57. Spiro
  58. Uranus
  59. Inferno
  60. Xenon
  61. Adonis
  62. Ceo
  63. Basil
  64. Bemus
  65. Calix
  66. Demitrius
  67. Dennis
  68. Evan
  69. Ezio
  70. Faust
  71. Isidore
  72. Kal
  73. Kosmos
  74. Kristo
  75. Neo
  76. Nyke
  77. Odell
  78. Otis
  79. Owen
  80. Pheonix
  81. Proteus
  82. Uranus
  83. Vanko
  84. Athan
  85. Bastian
  86. Constantine
  87. Demian
  88. Ilias
  89. Karan
  90. Lander
  91. Myles
  92. Orien
  93. Theo
  94. Zeth
  95. Zarek
  96. Charon
  97. Calgero
  98. Filippos
  99. Ezio
  100. Deacon
  101. Caesar
  102. Cerberus
  103. Fotios
  104. Dymas
  105. Ambrus
Greek names for dogs.

Did you like these 120 Greek names for male dogs?

We’ve given you with a selection of 120 Greek names for you to choose from. Some of them relate to the history of Greece, so they may sound familiar to you. Others have origins and sound a bit strange, but are still beautiful. Which ones would you choose?

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